My Badass Diary

The Diary of Ame a crazy girl who has problems.



Like no no no diary! Things are so bad! Like um this is like not good! Wait actually things are fine sorry! I'm just acting crazy because my eye is like super swollen and the doctor put me on steroids. Yeah weird right? So today at school I had a normal day choir with Emma after and stuff. Our concerts tomorrow. It'll be fun I'm wearing a really cute dress so hopefully my real life crush will notice yeah I have a real life crush now... Peter! He's so my type he does all the things I do and watches all the same videos and is REALLY funny. Oh yep there's the problem my crazy self was thinking of... He hates me! I don't know why!! I've always been nice to him and stuff... Lately he's like I hate you go away or just being mean! It hurts my feelings alot... Oh! I absolutely fell in love with this song! Alice by Avril Lavigne! So cool! I got to go now ttyl. 

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