My Badass Diary

The Diary of Ame a crazy girl who has problems.


4. Hi Again

Hi again. Sorry I haven't written in a while! I've been VERY busy. I have big news! Ok so James and Kalel hooked up! I knew they were perfect for each other. Oh and Peter actually kinda talked to me... Not really though. I wish we could be friends... He just is... I don't know. Not mean. Not picky. Not rude... Just... Well I don't know! It sucks. Anyways I went to Kalels today. We had so much fun. Then Lindsey told us this funny thing. Her brother farted and her grandma said " Excuse the gas, let it pass, it came from your - Oh! I better not say that! " OMG! Me and Kalel couldn't stop laughing! Oh I have to go ttyl!


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