Accidental Summer

Read and find out! :)


3. WOW!

I cant help but feel a little bad for being mean to Liam, I was just being honest, im not a fan, but i guess i could have been nicer about it. That was just yesterday but it feels like forever ago i still have to go tour London. there is a knock at the door and CeCe isnt home, it feels a little weird but i go to answer it.

"What the ..... I didnt even tell you my name !"

"Well Miss Maura I do have my resources... perk of being in a boy band" i roll my eyes 

" I told you I would make you like me and thats what im going to do, your coming with me " 

"Who says I want to Mr. Payne "

"ME" he picks me up and i scream

" put me down!" he throws me in the car 

"Ill make sure everything is fine with your aunt "

" How do you know that...." he just smiles 

" resources Miss Maura " 

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