It all started with a golf ball......... Fate appears when the boys meet Gabbie, Olivia, and Abby. Will they all fall in love? Will they fall in love with the wrong person? I know the suspense is killing you.


4. Golf Time!


"Hey Olivia can you go get my wallet out of my room? Golfing is on me." I said. "No! I will not get your stupid wallet!" She said. I walked to her room to find her packing all of her stuff. "Wait! What are you doing?" I asked her a little worried. "I'm leaving." she said with a very sad look on her face. "Are you sure about this? I know you guys got into a fight but can't we just work through this?" I asked her desperately. "I don't think so. I don't think Gabbie is going to be forgiving me anytime soon." She said then walked out the door. Part of me wasn't going to miss her but the other part was going to miss her so much. I then heard Gabbie coming down the stairs kinda happy. "What are you so happy about?" I asked her. "I'm kinda excited to go golfing too!" she said. I smiled and she asked where Olivia was. "Oh. She left." I said bluntly. "Left? Where did she go?" She asked confused "I don't know she just took her stuff and headed out." I said. "Wait! She actually left?" She asked. "Yeah." I said looking at the ground. "Part of me isnt going to miss her." She said. "Let's just get off this topic and go back to being happy and excited!" I said> "Letme grab my wallet." And with that we were on our way to the golfing place.



We were on our way to the golf course. When we got there we payed the taxi driver and went to buy some clubs and balls. "Let's go get our golf cart!" Abby said very happily. "I'm driving!" She yelled at me while running towards them. She got one and got in then started driving. "Do you even know how to drive a golf cart?" I asked her suspiciously. "Nope! But who cares!" She said. I then started to hold on tight to the railing of the cart. "AAABBBBBYYYY! slow down!" I demanded and she hit the brakes and started dying laughing. "Oh have a little fun Gabbie. You just gotta say what the hey!" She said trying to hold in the giggles but didnt succeed I then started laughing too. 



So I just drove a golf cart and wow I think I did pretty good. "ME FIRST! ME FIRST!" I yelled while Gabbie was laughing over my immatureness.  I tried hitting the ball but went in a different direction then I wanted. "Hey!Watch out!" I yelled while the ball was hurdling towards someone. "Woah!" I heard a british accent say. He then fell over. Without thinking I threw our stuff in the cart and started driving. Fast. "GO! GO! GO!" Gabbie yelled. we finally stopped and started dying laughing. "LOU! WATCH OUT! LOOUUUU!" I heard an Irish accent yell. Wait a minute Irish accent, British accent, Lou1 I thought It's one direction. I looked over at Gabbie who wasnt paying attention. "Gab I hit Louis Tomlinson in the head with a golf ball. One Direction is here!" I told her we then heard some screaming and looked over. Next thing we knew we were flying in the air. 

(Slow motion)

"Hey that cloud looks like a fried chicken wing!" I heard Gabbie yell. "I'm craving some carrots!" I heard Louis say. Then everyone else just started screaming. Me and Gabbie landed on the ground with a loud thump. (Not slow motion) Then all the others then landed on us. Louis was practically hugging me with fright and Niall landed on Gabbie and Harry Landed on Olivia. Wait Olivia when did she get here. "Olivia when did you get here?!" I asked excitedly "Oh! I was sorta hanging on the backseat the whole time. I'm really sorry guys." She said. "It's fine just nice to have you back." I said while all the boys were on top of us still. I then started laughing really loud. Louis jumped up and said" I'm sorry love did I hurt you?" He asked very worried. But I got lost in those ocean blue eyes. "Love?" He said again. I got out of my trance and said "Yeah perfect. He then enrolled me in a huge hug and said"Are you sure? I dont want to see your Hurt!" He said "Really it's fine!" I said a little too fast but oh well maybe he didn't notice. We then started staring in eachothers eyes. I looked down smileing and apparently blushing. WOW! Embarrassing! "Hey why don't you come over to my place?" He asked "Well i can't just leave my friend."I said "Don't have have too, looks like they would want to spend time with a few other people too if you know what I mean ;)!" "Well alright!" I said blushing then we went off to their house. I was so excited and i could tell Gabbie and Olivia were too.

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