It all started with a golf ball......... Fate appears when the boys meet Gabbie, Olivia, and Abby. Will they all fall in love? Will they fall in love with the wrong person? I know the suspense is killing you.


2. Big fight


I had just woke up and we had absolutely nothing planned for the day. I thought of stuff we could do but couldn't think of anything. It was Friday and we had already done everything you could think of. Monday we went to the movies, Tuesday we went swimming, Wednesday we skated, and Thursday we went to the mall. I looked over at Abby and saw her looking at me with a phone pointed at me and giggling. "What are you doing?" I asked her "You were putting on your thinking face hahaha" she said. Oh crap not that again. "What were you thinking about anyway?" she said "What were going to do today." "I KNOW! I KNOW!" she said. "What?" i asked curiously "Golfing." She said. "I hope your talking about putput because yo suck at golf no offense." "Nope real golf and offense taking" She said and i giggled a little at her response. "Okay, I'm going to take a shower you need to go wake Olivia's lazy butt up!" I said. "Alrighty!"



Gabbie was taking a shower and I was about to wakeup Olivia. I was so excited for golfing even though like Gabbie said, I suck. "OLIVIA HARREH STYLES IS HERE!" I yelled obviously lying "What? He is? Where?" she said. I started dying laughing. "Just kidding he's not here dummy. But you do need to get ready were going GOLFING!" I said a little to excitingly. "Golfing? seriously? You suck at golf." "Okay, Okay, I get it I suck at golf but i am still excited!" I said a little annoyed. "Fine." she said. I then walked out towards the kitchen to make some breakfast. I started to make some waffles. GUUYYYSSSS! WAFFLES ARE READY!" I yelled throughout the house I then heard little feet racing down the stair. Gabbie won obviously. Gosh her and her food just like Niall Horan actually. Well he is her favorite. "After I eat I am going to take a shower." I said "Hey! I was gonna take a shower next" I heard Olivia snap. "Fine. Whoever finishes first and makes to the shower first wins." " Fine" she said. We both started stuffing our faces while Gabbie was doing the same even though she wasn't racing for anything. This was just her. We only had one bathroom which is crazy we are actually moving soon. I finished my food and started racing up the stairs. "HA!" I yelled. "I heard her cuss something then Gabbie yelled at her. "Olivia! How many times have me and Abby told you stop cussing?" Gabbie yelled. "Gosh! Your not my boss!" Olivia yelled. "Abby owns this house she pays for most of it and i can have her kick you out." I then sighed then just got into the shower. 

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