Nobody compares to the stupid girl

Macy Mcqueen runs into superstar Niall Horan. She cant keep her stupidity inside her. Macy has been struggling with Dyslexia for years, since she first started to learn infact. Niall becomes one of the only ones who understands her and doesnt make fun or her, Or atleast doesnt try to make fun of her. Her struggles through life are harder than the others and things turn into drama quickly. ~read to find out the rest!~


5. Suprise visit

In 5th period, history, the loud speaker came on. *ding ding* "Ms.Cleveland? There is a visiter that will be soon joining you in your room then will dismiss Macy Mcqueen." Right then the door creaked open where I saw the blonde standing. "Macy? Im here to pick you up."said Niall.

'Um yeah ok.Bye guys, bye Ms.Cleveland."

Niall and I got out into the hallway and walked to my locker.

"Why did you come to pick me up?

"I thought we got off to a bad start so I ran by your house and asked your uncle if we could hang out alittle more."

"My uncle!? Did he wig out on you? What did he say?"

"We talked and he said it would be ok if I picked you up."

"Oh ok"

We then walked outside. "Wheres your car?" I asked "Right over there, see our driver?"stated niall. "You dont have a normal car?"

"We do I just wanted to talk to you without focusing on the road."

"Or were you trying to impress me?"

"yeah that too."

We got in the car and headed somewhere... he wouldnt tell me where. We finally got to a place filled with lines and people.

"Hey Niall? Where are we?" I asked. "Well, your uncle said your kinda like a tomboy and like to get alittle dirty."repled niall. "Yeah? Is this a carnival? You cant get too dirty at these." "Yes it is a carnival but i enterd us in a contest to see who can do the best belly flop in a pile of mud."he stated. "Really? Iv always wanted to do that but you get really dirty. You up for it?" I giggled. "Yes im up for it! It sounds like so much fun! But we thought ahead and brought you some extra clothes. You can change in the bedroom." replyed Niall. "Bedroom in a limo? Wow! Ok i will be right back!" I went to go change and came back in old jean shorts and an old black t-shirt that said "kenny Chesney" on the front. I saw Niall had also changed into some basketball shorts and a t-shirt. "Ready Niall?" 'Lets go!"

We got down to the contest and i swear, Niall looked alittle scared. Probably wasnt used to see people like this, and all the crowd. well he is clostrophobic, he told me that yesterday.  "You ok Niall? You look alittle scared."

"Im fine. Why are these people so crowded though? How do we get through?"

"Push. It may seem rude but its the only way to survive in this world."

Niall actually did pretty good for a beginner. He got like 3rd and i got 2nd. He dropped me off at my place and obviously Uncle Jason had to know everything. I washed off then told him. Dang that guy is too overprotective! Whatever, I love em.


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