Nobody compares to the stupid girl

Macy Mcqueen runs into superstar Niall Horan. She cant keep her stupidity inside her. Macy has been struggling with Dyslexia for years, since she first started to learn infact. Niall becomes one of the only ones who understands her and doesnt make fun or her, Or atleast doesnt try to make fun of her. Her struggles through life are harder than the others and things turn into drama quickly. ~read to find out the rest!~


4. Monday means school day

 "Wake up macy you got school today!" uncle jason yelled. I slowly rubbed my eyes then started to open them. Today was the first day of the last week. It was so nice out I decided to wear something i never do, a sundress. I picked out a pretty, bright yellow sundress and a thin brown braided belt. I slipped on some shin length cowboy boots on too.

"Mornin sunshine" uncle jason told

"Good mornin, whats for breakfast?"

"Always up for food" he chuckled

"Well? Pancakes? Sausage? Bacon!?"

"Here is some bacon, i dont think my pancakes will be ready in time. You should probably head out now, you woke up late enough."

"If i dont eat you know im gonna get in trouble again."

"Well macy maybe if you stop sneaking food into class."

"Well uncle jay maybe if they give us more food!" We both laughed and I  headed off to school. When i got there I quickley headed to  my locker and straight to class.

"Late again Ms.Mcqueen?" asked the teacher. "Yeah sorry uhh my bus was late." i replyed. "Yes i see. Wasnt it last week you were a walker?" "Whaaaatttt? No I dont think that was me."i said. "I distinctly remeber."said Ms.Marcus 'Right, right. Yeah I was a walker for that one day. My bus was late that day too so ,you know, i decided to walk. Yeah i have a bad bus drivier."i explained. "Since you had some extra time at home or your 'bus stop' why dont you go over the homework for the class."

Oh crap! I totally forgot about the homework, i never finished it! What should i say? Should I do the problems I did? Why me? Ughhh, life.

"Right, homework." I walked up to the board and wrote the first problem down." - 5+4x>7  " Yeah just inequalities but you have to agree they are confusing! I did all my work for that and the problems that i did. "wrong, all wrong! Did you even finish the homework? Those arnt all the questions." she scolded. "This is what i got, sorry." I went and sat down at my seat and put my head down.


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