Nobody compares to the stupid girl

Macy Mcqueen runs into superstar Niall Horan. She cant keep her stupidity inside her. Macy has been struggling with Dyslexia for years, since she first started to learn infact. Niall becomes one of the only ones who understands her and doesnt make fun or her, Or atleast doesnt try to make fun of her. Her struggles through life are harder than the others and things turn into drama quickly. ~read to find out the rest!~


3. Just an ordinary dumb girl!

~~ AUTHORS NOTE just to say i do cuss alittle in this fanfic but not too much.~~ 


I ran outside and could already feel the tears swell up in my eyes. "Why am i so freaking stupid!!" "I cant count simple numbers!" "I cant write real letters!" "IM JUST A FAILUER!" I broke down and sat on the curb outside the shop. "Cant i just  be normal?" i whisperd to myself. I heard the shop door open about 5 minuts later so i turned around wiping my tears.

"Are you ok? you've been out here for awhile." niall asked

"Im fine"

"Are you sure do you need to talk?"

"Yes, im fine."

"Really? you dont look fine."

"I said im fine!" i started to get angery then.

"Ok im just concernd."

"Well you dont have to be." i whisperdd.

We sat there in silence for alittle bit. I kinda hated it. I pretty much just ruined a chance of friendship with this guy. I kinda need some real ones. "I should go now. if you wanna text me you can." i said giving him a folded peice of paper. "Thanks that would be great." he said smiling and taking the paper. We both turned and walked in seperate directions. "Wait niall." i said. "Yes?" he answerd turning around. "Sorry im just kinda in a bad mood but i will get over it." i told him. "No no its fine! Everyone has those days and yours just happens to be today!" He replyed. WE finally waved goodbye and left.

I got home and changed back into baggy pajama pants even though it was only 1:00 in the afternoon. I then decided i should try my homework again since i got nowhere last night. Still got nowhere an hour later so i got a jug of choclate milk and went on my front porch. After i sat down my Uncle pulled in our long driveway. "Hey Uncle Jason!" I exclaimed (Jason aldean the country singer is my uncle in the story) "Hey darlin! Still in your p.js?" uncle jason asked. "Eh, i changed back into them. I got alittle lazy."

'Oh i see, you got alittle thristy too?"

"Yeah, we need more food and choclate milk is all i got to survive!"

'Well I  can make you some vegitible soup!"

'Im not that hungry uncle jay! Well dont put mushrooms in it and i will take it!"

"I havnt forgotten."

*30 minuts later*

"why are your eyes red mace?" my uncle asked me

"Nothing, you dont need to worry."

"Is it the kids again? They just dont know your whole story. Your smarter then them."

"Its just sammy, and this new guy."

"Did she say something again? Who is the new guy?"

"She said something like iv never been good with math and english. Something like that,I cant really remember." "What about the new guy? who is he?" uncle jason asked "His name is Niall. He is from Onedirection and he sat with me at frozen yogurt place down the road. When i couldnt multiply stupid numbers he just kinda looked at me weird." i explained to him. "Onedirection? That dumb boyband? Look, he looked at you weird cause those popstars are just jerks. I wouldnt trust him and you shouldnt either." he told. " But Uncle Jay i think he likes me. Plus he forgave me and smiled at me when i gave him my number."

"You did what? You barley know that guy macy! He smiled at you cause he knows he has you hooked!

"Im sorry, he seemed so nice and i shouldnt of done it but he had a nice smile, a sence of humor and everything."

" Your damn right you shouldnt of! Who the hell cares about who you think he his? He could be dangerous, How could you be so immature and stupid!?"    "Wait no macy i didnt mean that."

'Yes you did! Your Just like all the others! Im so sorry for being myself i guess i should just change! Maybe into some city rockstar!? I think you'd like that wouldnt ya!"

"Macy, i swear i didnt mean it im trying to protect you. I just went over board. Dont go all city on me darlin. Stay your southern self."

*cries* "whatever" i whisperd then walked to my room and stayed for the rest of the night.

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