Nobody compares to the stupid girl

Macy Mcqueen runs into superstar Niall Horan. She cant keep her stupidity inside her. Macy has been struggling with Dyslexia for years, since she first started to learn infact. Niall becomes one of the only ones who understands her and doesnt make fun or her, Or atleast doesnt try to make fun of her. Her struggles through life are harder than the others and things turn into drama quickly. ~read to find out the rest!~


2. 5 boys

I was almost done with my frozen yogurt while 5 boys ran in. "Your trying it, its really good!" one yelled to another. While i was looking over at them a blonde looked at me from the group. I quickly  turned away. "Go, go! She wont bite! Well, i dont think she does." a boy with wild fluffy hair whisperd. The blonde started stepping towards me. "Why is is a beautiful girl like you is sitting here alone?" he said in a thick Irish acccent. "Um, i just came here to chill alittle bit." i told akwardly. "Mind if i sit?" he asked. "No not at all! Infact i might need someone to talk to!"  "Haha ok!" he said while giggling. After we talked alittle more my bestfriend Sammy walked in. "Macy! Oh, I didnt know you were here with someone?" "Oh hey sammy! This is my new friend Niall. He is from that band Onedirection." I informed my friend. "Hello im Niall!"he replyed. Then we all talked also and decided we needed more so we got some and sat back down. "I think that guy charged me too much. I dont live in america so i wouldnt know." niall told us. "Lets check, macy whats 7x9?" sammy asked. "Um... i think.... its something like...... i dont know." I quietly said. "You dont know what.... uh nevermind." niall asked questioning me. "She has never been good with multiples! Well, she hasnt been good with math or english." sammy said giggling. I never told her im dyslexic so she doesnt know any better. It still hurts though. "Oh, haha thats funny." niall said going along. Now he thinks im not smart. Well who the hell cares? The entire world knows im stupid anyway! oh thats right! I still care! "I will just be a minute." i stated while getting up and walking outside.

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