Nobody compares to the stupid girl

Macy Mcqueen runs into superstar Niall Horan. She cant keep her stupidity inside her. Macy has been struggling with Dyslexia for years, since she first started to learn infact. Niall becomes one of the only ones who understands her and doesnt make fun or her, Or atleast doesnt try to make fun of her. Her struggles through life are harder than the others and things turn into drama quickly. ~read to find out the rest!~


6. 1 year later

**1 year later**

"What happend to my script? I cant do the interveiw now!" stated niall. "Isnt it a interveiw? Cant you just let them interveiw you? Calm down Niall! This is all getting you too stressed you need a break"I replyed. "I know i need to calm down there is too much drama! Who made this anyway? The letters are all switched. Its confusing." said niall. "Niall? Um I made it. Someone told me to so I did. Sorry if i messed it up." He just kinda looked at me then took a long breath.

"What?" i said

"Why do you fake this stuff?"

"Fake what? I honestly made that script."

"Not that. All these letters are switched around and messed up? Are you messing with me?"

"No, not at all. I didnt realize I did that. Haha, sorry."

"Stop, your acting like your stupid. Switching letters around, acting like its no big deal."

"So your calling me stupid?" I sighed.

"No, Im calling you smart! Your acting stupid to get my attention. Havnt you heard me tell you multiple times I hate girls who do that! I like you macy, just please stop it really gets on my nerves."

Wow, I can not belive he just said that to me! I ran out of the building and around back where there are no paparazzi. "I HATE MY LIFE!" I sobbed. Then got angry and kicked over a trashcan. A big trashcan, so it kind of hurt my toes. "Why am I like this? Your already so important to me niall, but I have to mess that up."I whisperd to myself.  Im really suprised he didnt come out. I guess he really hates me. I have to be stupid? I cant learn as well as anyone else? It messes up my life and i hate it! Finally I heard the door open. I stood up and wiped my tears. It was Zayn. "Hey macy, Niall wants you to come inside."he told. Wow, He wont even get me himself? "If he wants me then he can get me." "You know he wasnt mad at you. You didnt have to run out like that." he replyed. "Yes, but im mad at myself for getting on his nerves."I said. "Then stop acting like you know nothing. Just be yourself." said zayn. "Look, Im not talking to you about this so you can send him out here!"i yelled. Zayn ran inside and I sat out on the pavment and started crying again. "Look, I was asking you to please stop so dont make a scene about it." I heard niall say from behind me out of nowhere.

"No! You stop acting like you know who I am! Niall, your a sweet person but all your doing is judging me on what you think right now!" i yelled.

I turned around and he could see my eyes were red and the tears inside them. I could tell he immediatly felt sorry.

"What did I say? Im so sorry macy! I swear, whatever hurt you Im sorry!"

"No, your not sorry."

"Look, is it cause i blamed you? I didnt know it would hurt you but I just wanted you to know-" I cut him off.

"No! Your not sorry and its not because of that! its not because of you Niall. Its me, my fault and i hate myself for it!"

Niall sat down and I sat back down next to him.

"I have a learing disibility Niall." Right when i said that i started sobbing an i put my head in his lap.

"What? No your joking."

"I freaking wish i was! I hate it and I hate myself because of it! I never learned to get better from it!"

'Shhh, its ok babe. Dont hate yourself for it."

"I have to! Noone thinks im myself anymore. You didnt, zayn didnt, sammy didnt. Noone did! I want help but I cant get it. Nobodys help works."

"I can help you! Liam, zayn, harry and louis can too! "

"I have a different learning style than most people. "

"I dont care macy, I care about you. I will do anything that helps or benifits you." he smiled

we both chuckled

I got a call and walk alittle away from niall. It was uncle jason and you never know what he will do. Just in case he was mad for some reason I got my distace from Niall.  "Hello?" I said. "Are you ok?" it was uncle jason. "Yeah? Why is something wrong!?" I exclaimed. "No,no. Just come home." "I wont come home until you tell me whats going on uncle jay." "Fine. Watch channel 4 on T.V. then come home immediatly." "Yeah, ok bye." I hung upp and walked over to Niall. I told him I have to check on something so we both went inside and already everyone was bunched around the T.V.. I heard my name. I Squeezed through everyone and sat to watch.Then the news lady said some stuff. "Watch out directioners! Niall girls particularly. We earlyer spotted the two outside of the Compaq interveiw arena. Macy was heard crying and happily, we got a scoop of what the conversation was about!" I just watched in horror. "No way...... They couldnt of heard anything."I whisperd. Then she continued. "Macy Mcqueen, found to have sevral learning disorders! Get everything on our website tonight!" The T.V. went blank. Paul turned it off. "The media can do some messed up things. Just ignore it." Paul tryed to cheer me up. My Eyes were then watering up but i was trying my hardest not to cry. "How the hell can I let that go!? I kept it from all you guys didnt I? It was a huge secret and now the entire world knows!" I then started to cry and ran out of the building. Ofcourse papparazzi was out there but I ignored them.  I ran out to Nialls car and I saw him follow behind me. He jumped in and shut the door. "I know your not but I have to ask. Are you ok?"

I sighed. My tears stopped and my emotions turned into anger. "They are heartless bitches." I whisperd

"Yeah, i know. I dont even know why they would joke about it. Its not something to be proud of."

I sighed again. "Niall, can you please take me home?"

"I can take you somewhere but its not home."

'Uncle jason wants me home. Plus im not in the mood so, please? "

"I love you and i want to make you happy."

"It would make me happy if you brought me home."

"Yeah, thats the point. If you go home you will be suffering by crying in your room. if your with me, well, atleast you will be crying in my arms."

I just let him take me whereever he was going to because I wasnt in the mood to fight. We got to this place on the beach where noone was. There was a beach house and a bungalow. There was a Dj station closer to the beach with a dance floor.

"This is where we come. I come here when im stressed, alone mostly. The boys hold partys here too."

We both walked inside and and explored the house. He gave me a tour and we talked about what we could do later today like go to the beach and such.

"Stay here, I will be right back."

Niall walked out of the house and soon after I walked to the front door. Then wanna know whats out there? Niall, in his car, leaving.

"What the fuck!?" yeah that made me angry. I almost started to cry but i wanted to stay strong. I didnt wanna be stuck depressed forever. I tried to call him but he left his phone here. Then about ten minutes later I saw him come back.I ran outside.

"Why did you leave me? "

"I went to get your stuff." he chuckeld. "We arnt leaving for atleast a week."

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