Our trip to England! *one direction*

2 best friends , Abigal and Gabrielle, move to England. They soon meet the biggest boyband in the world ,One direction. Who will fall in love? Who likes who? Will there be any drama between anyone? Read and find out!:)


3. THE walk in the park :)

                                   ABBY P.O.V 


   We walk to the park, I was very hyper that day. "PARKKKKK" I say and dance, as in bad dance. Gabbie was stuffing her face as usual. Jeez I swear she could be like Niall Horan sometimes. That's her favorite of the band. Mine is Louis. Oh Louis, his perfect abbs, perfect hair,perfect.... Well face. I was interrupted from my beautiful thought by screaming. Familiar screaming? The person said "HOLY CRAP,BOO BEAR! SHUT UP, AND DRIVE NORMALLY!" This person had a husky, thick British accent. It couldn't be. Could it? " Gabs did yo-" Next thing we know, we are being pushed by a cute boy with blonde hair. It was NIALL! and he seems to like Gabbie. He was staring at her, and she was staring at him. LOVE CONNECTION! I whip my head around to see no other then Louis Tomlinson standing behind me. " I'm sorry, love! I didn't mean to almost kill you," He says adding a wink at the end. "I....uh.....it's fine... Umm... We are fine, thanks." I said awkwardly. HE CALLED ME LOVE!! " No..no really, we should really take you guys to lunch to make up for it! besides it look like Niall likes your friend over there. Plus, your pretty lovely yourself. ;) So, will you call it a date?" He said smoothly. " YES, YES Let me tell Gabbie, be right back!" In said trying to keep calm. Gabbie is already talking to Niall with the biggest smile. " You alright babe?" I here him say to her. She blushes. Typical Gab! " HEY GABBIE! LOUIS WANTS US TO LUNCH WITH THE BOYS! PLUS I KNOW YOU LIKE LOVE NIALL!!" I scream as loud as possible. Gabbie gives me a death glare. " HAHA I like you too, love." He said lifting her chin up. AWWW CUTE! 2 HOPELESS ROMANTICS TOGETHER! "I'd love to." Gabbie stutters. We hear a "YES" from Louis and Niall. The cutest guys. EVER. Amd we are going on a date with them. TONIGHT! "Give me your number, babe, I want to talk to you before then!" Louis says to me, giving me chills . I gave him my number and in gave him mine. Niall and Gabbie do the same. This is gonna be one interesting date!!


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