Our trip to England! *one direction*

2 best friends , Abigal and Gabrielle, move to England. They soon meet the biggest boyband in the world ,One direction. Who will fall in love? Who likes who? Will there be any drama between anyone? Read and find out!:)


5. She could be my princess *Nialls P.O.V

                                                             NIALLS P.O.V

    Gabbie is beautiful!!! Her brown eyes, her wavy blonde/red hair, her petite legs, EVERYTHING. I'm kinda glad we almost ran over her, if we didn't I wouldn't have met her. Now I get to go on a date with her!:) Maybe after this date she could be mine!! Maybe she could be my princess!! I was caught off guard when my phone went off. PLEASE BE GABBIE PLEASE BE GABBIE! Nope it's my ex, Chloe. She's still annoying me! 

  "Hey babe, wanna hang out tonight. Could go to NANDOS!! Xoxox-Chloe"

 Jeez, she needs to get over me! I loved her, well I thought I did. She was physco though, she would never let me go out with the lads!! 

 " I'm not your 'babe' Chloe! And no we are not dating! I don't like you!- Niall"

  Now I have to get dressed for my date with a beautiful girl! Should I send her a text? Would she think I'm trying to hard? I'll send a text, hopefully she will text back!  

   "Hey! I can't wait for the date!!:) xoxox- Niall" 

    Pleas don't be annoyed........

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