Our trip to England! *one direction*

2 best friends , Abigal and Gabrielle, move to England. They soon meet the biggest boyband in the world ,One direction. Who will fall in love? Who likes who? Will there be any drama between anyone? Read and find out!:)


2. Our house in England

                                                 GABBIES P.O.V 

 "WAKE YOUR LAZY BUTT UP, GABBIE! WE ARE HERE! JEEZ U ARE LAZY!" My best friend, Abigail, screamed in my face. Oh I forgot to mention, I'm 18 and Abby is 19. We are moving to England to get away from home in Kentucky. We kinda had to, my parents wanted me out and Abby is hopeing to find a college.Plus, Kentucky was boring, nothing to see , nothing to do. We did take dance together, that's how we met. That's the only thing entertaining in our small town in Kentucky. We missed the old studio though, it's where we kinda grew up! " Sorry Abby, having a 19 hour flight then a 6 hour drive is tiring okay!!" I look over to see her stuffing her face with Potatoe chips. " At least I didn't eat the entire way!" I snapped. " You know me better then anyone else, Gab, what did ya expect? That's true. Me and Abby are practically sisters. She even helped me get my boyfriend. Too bad this trip cost our relationship, it's worth it i bet!  " What are you waiting for? LETS GO CHECK OUT WHERE WE WILL BE LIVING!" she ran in the house and I hear a "WOW." I walk in to the house it's big, and fancy looking. With light blue furniture and white walls and a flat screen. My feet felt the soft,fuzzy white carpet. I ran to the bedrooms. I was speechless when I saw those lavender walls and the HUGE, soft looking bed with a darker lavender bedset. I flopped on my bed closeng my eyes and thinking "This is perfect!" Wait, it's quiet, that's not a good sign. Especially with Abby in the house. I ran up the stairs to find her in her room, eyes wide and mouth opened. Her room was as beautiful as mine. A deep red paint with a white huge bed! Both of out rooms had HUGE flat screen T.V.s ." OH MY GOSH." She screamed making me jumped a little. She then speed walked to the bed and dived on to it. This is it out new lives. The new "us" and I liked it. A lot.  I was pulled out of my thoughts when Abby said "Let's go to the park. It's a beautiful day!" " Sure, lets go Abby.That could be fun!" Little did we know our lives were going to change.

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