Our trip to England! *one direction*

2 best friends , Abigal and Gabrielle, move to England. They soon meet the biggest boyband in the world ,One direction. Who will fall in love? Who likes who? Will there be any drama between anyone? Read and find out!:)


4. A\N

    HEYS GUYS!!! I would just like to say this is my first movella! Sooooo no hate!!:) Also, if you are reading this, thankssss and I LOVE YOU:) (Im like that okay!!) anyways go check out my friend ,AbbyGrace, her first movella is "loveliness" it also has meeeee in it:)) IT'S REALLAAAAA GOOD:) thankssssss xoxoxo,, 👍❤  So.... Ya peace:)) 😋✌

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