Do you remember summer '09?

Harry Styles met a girl. Her name was Sarah. Harry wasnt very known as famous yet. Over that summer of 2009, something happened between them, Sarah broke up with Harry. Over a month's time, Sarah was reported missing by her parents.

So i really suck at these about the story thingers, i know im a senior in high schoool and i was taught to do "creative writing" and stuff like that... but ya know how it works. Hope you like the story!!


2. We were together summer 09

We were together summer '09 replayed in my head. I wonder if she remembers me. "Harry. What. The. Fack." Louis said all sassily. "Why the hell did you run off?" "Long story. But it all started on the summer of '09..."  I started. Then the crowd started getting angry. "WE WANT ONE DIRECTION!! WE WANT ONE DIRECTION! IF WE DONT GET THEM WE WILL NEVER COME BACK!!" The crowd roared. Niall walked out an the crowd cheered. Niall quited them down. "Alright. Harry has a family problem goin on right now and he cant preform." Niall said. "Thats why he checked his phone and said FACK in the middle of Rock me. Understand?" "Aaawwwwwwwww! BOO!" the crowd booed. BOOED!! I mean really? 

    Niall came back. "As I was saying." I restarted. "It all started on the summer of '09.  I was with my mum and her friend and her friends son. His name was Sam. Sam and I were hanging out by the fountain cuz my mum and Char, her friend, were in the salon, and we had nothing better to do. Then I saw her. The most beautiful girl ever. But this was before barely anyone knew who we were. So nobody fangirled. Her eyes mer mine and we were instantly attracted to eachother." "Slow your roll. So you just like, abandoned Sam and your mum an Char?" Zayn asked. "Nah." I replied. "NOW LET ME FINISH!!! 'Sam, bro.' i said. 'I'll be right back. I uh.. have to do something.' so I ran off. I didnt see anyone around me. I was running, and everything was going by so fast! I couldnt believe my eyes. Then i bumped into something. Someone."



HEY IM BACK WITH A NEW STORY! And sorry for such a short chapter. Dont worry! A new chapter will come!


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