Do you remember summer '09?

Harry Styles met a girl. Her name was Sarah. Harry wasnt very known as famous yet. Over that summer of 2009, something happened between them, Sarah broke up with Harry. Over a month's time, Sarah was reported missing by her parents.

So i really suck at these about the story thingers, i know im a senior in high schoool and i was taught to do "creative writing" and stuff like that... but ya know how it works. Hope you like the story!!


3. Saaaraaahhh

*sarahs pov*

 I was at a One Direction concert, ya know since their my favorite band. Harry Styles would HAVE to be my favorite. And funny thing, i dated a guy named Harry, but he had curls though. Harry had lots of curls. "SARAH! ITS RAINING!!" my bestie, Lara exclaimed. "Oh no! The concert is ruined Lara!" I replied. The whole crowd started whining about the rain. I love rain. Rain is romantic, rain is beautiful. "Aw, dont let some rain stop the concert! I love rain! Rain is romantic and beautiful! I think rain is fun!" Harry said. Did he read my mind? Those were my exact words!!! 

   Im staring into is big eyes. Thise big beautiful eyes. And he doesnt even notice I exsist. Humph. "Saaraaahhh. SaaAraaAhhH" a creepy voice said. "Saaraahh. I see how disturbing this is to you. I see how scared you are. I feel what you are going through. But i have been theough worse! I have known you my whole life, and you barely cared." THIS IS FRICKIN SCARY! "Saaarrraaahhh. Dont forget this! Think about the latest death in your life! Feel my pain. You cant feel my pain. At least, not yet."

   My eyes were big and full of fear. A tear dripped down my left cheek. Then right. Then left again. The salty taste of the tear dripped into my mouth. The rain stopped. "Sarah whats wrong?" Lara asked. "Nothing." I lied, wiping my tears away. Then I felt someones gaze penetrating my personal bubble. I turbed and say Harry Styles staring at me from the stage. "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me..." the boys sang. "FACK!" Harry screamed instead of yeah. I finally realized who Harry really was. He probably knew I was here. I used to date, Harry Styles of One Direction. The shocked look came around. "What the fack is up this time?" Lara said. "Well, back in the summer of '09..." I started.


Hey guys. Who do think the creepy girl is? And why did she say that Sarah will feel her pain soon? What pain? OH THE SUSPENSE OF CLIFF HANGERS! Wont update until i feel like it. I get lazy sometimes. Now u know a new thing about me! I only like to write and read and draw and take pics and play sports. I lov you fans! You guys are the best! Comment what you think! Hope u guys enjoy the rest of the story! ;) -xoxoxox- Marley! 

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