Do you remember summer '09?

Harry Styles met a girl. Her name was Sarah. Harry wasnt very known as famous yet. Over that summer of 2009, something happened between them, Sarah broke up with Harry. Over a month's time, Sarah was reported missing by her parents.

So i really suck at these about the story thingers, i know im a senior in high schoool and i was taught to do "creative writing" and stuff like that... but ya know how it works. Hope you like the story!!


4. Run In

*Sarah's p.o.v.*

After I realized I dated Harry Styles from One Direction, I stared to let tears run down my face. I loved him so much, but stupid things get in the way of your love life, and then one day you just forget how to Love someone else, after the one you loved the most broke your heart. I loved him. I stared to tell Lara about summer '09, but I was thankfully stopped by Niall coming out and saying Harry was not coming out again. I looked down and saw my back stage pass, and took and deep breath. So after Harry wouldn't come out, the concert ended. Me and Lara went back stage along with a few other people, we where last. We walked in and Harry was in the corner of the room. He turned and looked at me and got up, he walked over to me and said "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." He was getting inches closer by the seconds. Soon enough I felt him soft and familiar  lips on mine. I kissed back, but then all the memories came flooding back. I pulled back and ran out of the room. I ran into the parking lot, and to my car. Lara was right behind me. I was balling by the time she reached me. I asked her to drive, she did and she said "Sooner or later you are going to have tell me about what happened between you and Harry, I saw you guys. And I saw how he looked at you. I could tell he is madly in love with you."  "W..was.. is.. more..." I said in between sobs. We got to my house and Lara helped me upstairs and helped my in bed. I ended up crying my self to sleep. 


Co-Author's Note

Sorry for the really short chapter, I didn't know what to put, and I said I would write one, so here it is. I also still don't know somethings I need to write a longer chapter. I would of found out, but I just wanted you guys to have something to hold you down for a while. Haha. Anyway hope you liked the chapter. I know I did, and I love this book. Love ya all <3 K.Styles.

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