Do you remember summer '09?

Harry Styles met a girl. Her name was Sarah. Harry wasnt very known as famous yet. Over that summer of 2009, something happened between them, Sarah broke up with Harry. Over a month's time, Sarah was reported missing by her parents.

So i really suck at these about the story thingers, i know im a senior in high schoool and i was taught to do "creative writing" and stuff like that... but ya know how it works. Hope you like the story!!


7. Not Again

**Sarah's POV**

I told Lara that I would tell her later, knowing that she sees how painful this is for me. Now it is the next day and Im waiting for something exciting to happen. I know he wants to apologize, but something that broke my heart to see? Thats unforgivible.


  **Harry's POV**

   The boys are staring at me with wide eyes and open mouths. "What was that all about, mate?" they asked. "NOTHING!! Now let me finish my story!!" I snapped back angrily and fast. The boys looked shocked that I did that to them. "Look, lads. Im sorry guys. Can I just finish?"



   So after she left to go to the bathroom, I thought about her more. "Hey Gemma," I started. "Take this and buy some dippin dots." I handed her £15. "Oh my gosh. Thanks Hazzie!" She jumped up and down ad squeezed me till i couldnt breath.  When Sarah was coming back, I smiled and ran back to Sam. "Dude, where were you?" he asked. " I uh.... got ice cream!" i replied. "But didn't you say you saw..." "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UPPP!!!" "Dude... OH ITS MAGGIE! MY GIRLFRIEND! MAGGIE OVER HERE!" He waved. Man, this dude is desperate. Maggie, I think, walked over. "Hey Sam!" she said. "curly..." "you two know eachother?" Sam asked. "Know eachother?" Maggie started. Here we go. " We were best friends at summer camp in 3rd grade! His friends and my friends and us used to be awesome friends. Then we had this HUGE falling out, and never talked again." "and I'd rather not talk about it." I butted in. She rolled her eyes. I stuck my tongue out. " Children children, settle down!" Sam laughed. I swear, this guy cracks himself up. Then Gemma and Sarah saw us. They walked over.


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