Do you remember summer '09?

Harry Styles met a girl. Her name was Sarah. Harry wasnt very known as famous yet. Over that summer of 2009, something happened between them, Sarah broke up with Harry. Over a month's time, Sarah was reported missing by her parents.

So i really suck at these about the story thingers, i know im a senior in high schoool and i was taught to do "creative writing" and stuff like that... but ya know how it works. Hope you like the story!!


5. It all came back to me

*Sarahs Pov*


 "So cmon." Lara pushed. "What?" I asked. "THE STORY!" "What story?" "Let me ask you gain, what happened between you and Harry?" I froze after she asked. "Uhmmmmm." "Cmon. SPIT IT OUT!" Lara pushed. "Fine." I replied. 


  I was walking to the mall with my brother, Sam and my mom. We were going there to meet up with my moms friend, who had a son Sam and my age (we are twins) and a daughter around our age. I was excited to meet the girl, i could care less about boys that my brother hangs around. When we finally got there I introduced myself to the girl, "Hi, Im Sarah Mckinley." "Ello, Im Gemma Styles." She said. "Hi, Im Harry Styles." The guy said. He was cute. And polite!!! Just a girls dr- SNAP OUT OF IT SARAH! You dont like boys who hang with Sam!!! "Well Gemma, wanna get Dippin Dots?" Dippin Dots Are the bestest ice cream ever!! (a/n- if you remember Dippin' Dots, you had an awesome childhood.) "Of course i want Dippin Dots! LEGGO!" Gemma squealed. We were gunna be great friends. "Hey gemma, can you order me cotton candy Dipin Dots, i gotta use the bathroom." "K!!!" Gemma squealed from the line. 

  As i walked to the bathroom, i got rammed by someone running. I plummeted to the ground! "JESUS CHRIST!" well me falling to the ground because i got hit was enough to piss me off. "Watch where your going, curls!!!" "Im sorry. I was running to get somewhere cuz I saw Dippin dots. Thats my favprite ice cream." He said in a low slow raspy voice. "Dippin dots are my favorite too." I replied. "What flavor is your favorite?" He asked. "Cotton candy." i replied, more gentle than when i said jesus christ. "Mee too!" He replied. When I saw his face I knew it was Harry. "Harry, we have so much in common. Your sis is getting me dippin dots, and i gotta use the bathroom, so see ya." I cant believe i like my brothers friend.


HEYO MARLEYO HERE... O! If this chapter was confusing, its because there was a flashback. The next chapter will have another flashback. But it starts out with Lara and Sarah talking, just like this one. So i hope you like the rest of this story!  ~Marley!

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