Poems :) I hope you like them.


2. What happened to us?

We were the best of friends

Always spending time together

People passing by mistaking us for sisters

Always being there for each other

Everything was always out in the open between us, no secrets

I knew everything there was to know about you and you about me

What happened to us?

I was going to move next year,

But we promised we would never forget each other

We would always call, meet up

But as the day got closer, our smiles turned upside down

It was so hard to say goodbye

I moved and things didn’t stay the same

My phone stopped ringing and I become busier, day by day

Distancing away from each other

Slowly becoming strangers

I don’t know you anymore

But I sure do miss the smiles

The laughs

The good times

I miss the memories

I wish we could go back

But we can't

We will go on our separate ways

Maybe one day we will meet again and share all the smiles

The laughs

And make some more memories



this is a personal poem. if you come across reading this, tell me what you think :)

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