Poems :) I hope you like them.


3. I Wish

I wish you knew how thankful I am for everything you've ever done for me


That very first day you came to talk to me even though I was the new girl

Now i look back and laugh because your friend told you to

Although, it may have been just a "hi" to you, I felt as if I had just gotten a chance

A chance at a new beginning


I felt ignored by the world but when I talked you , it felt like you cared

As if, you were the one person who still cared


You didn't know anything I left behind or anything I brought

You didn't know my story and I was happy to start again


I wish you knew how thankful I am to know that you will always be standing behind me as if I were to fall any second

You'd be there to catch me

When everyone left, you stayed

I wish I never again know how it feels to turn around and not see anyone there

I wish you never let go, like everyone else did


I wish you knew out of every negative thing, you are the positive

I wish you knew that I laugh the loudest when I'm with you

I'm always the happiest when I'm with you

You make me want to forget everything and live in the moment

I wish you knew how happy you make me feel


I wish I had the courage to tell you how thankful I am

From that very first day and everyday after


I wish I could thank you

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