Poems :) I hope you like them.


1. Growing Up

We create a fantasy about life and how we desire it to be

About what it will be like when we grow up,

But sooner or later we start to believe that is our reality

Why do we try to grow up so fast?

So we don’t get treated as kids

So we get our independence,

So we have freedom to make decisions

Our fantasy seems so perfect

But in truth,

It’s not as perfect as we envisioned it to be


Growing up seems to give us a sense of liberty,

Liberty to do what we want

But what can we do when all we have is this pressure from society

Who doesn’t let us dress the way we want,

Talk the way we want,

Look the way we want,

Live the way we want

Being young gave us a sense of freedom

We were allowed to be who we wanted to,

But we try to grow up too fast


It’s a cruel world out there,

With no one to lean on

The sounds of people telling us, “you’re wrong”,

Then, what’s right?

Everyone we know drifting away

We thought reality would be like our dreams,

But we were mistaken


We only have one life,

Don’t rush it trying to grow up



hi guys :) so this is my first ever poem. if you happen to come across it, let me know what you think :)

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