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this is a fan fiction about a girl named victoria runs into a couple guys at her new collage and is hoping a to get to know them better... way better :) the thing is that their rooms arent like any other collage dorm rooms. their rooms are pretty large with about 7 to 8 beds and they can have girls and guys sleeping in one room... together. i hope you enjoy c:


2. roomates

*authors note: i was almost finished with this chapter then i ex-ed out of the web-sight im so stupid! anyways ...


"okay good", he gives me a cheeky smile, "i thought i was going to room with a couple creepy stalkers or something."

"nope we are as normally sain as anyone else on this world." michaela throws out there like its a normal thing to say. i give her a look of confussion why would she say somthing so.. odd.

" well, what i think she is trying to say is that we are a bit more sain than most people in the world.. you know." i say in a dying voice because i just realized i just made things more awkward.

everyone smiles and liam says," ladys first." gesturing to the beds. he let us choose our beds first! i really thought the boys would be a bit more snob-

"this one is mine!" louis says before i had even moved to a bed that i wanted. okay well maybe he is just goofing around.

we all get settled in and i look up at niall and notice he cant get his eyes off of michaela. "hi im niall and you are?" he says to her holding out his hand.

"im michaela." she says looking like she is about to explode from excitment and she shakes his hand.

i text her saying "i tink he like likes u :) " 

she lets out this loud sarcastic laugh everyone then looks at her funny wondering why she did that. i then guesture for her to follow me out side the dorm and she follows. we are a couple feet from the door and start to talk. 

"i think he has got a thing for you!" i smile

"why would he like me out of the entire humongous world, why would he pick me?" she says seriously

"1) you have hazel eyes

2) you have blonde hair

3) you give off a vibe of a great personality


5)and best of all you have dimples

i mean comon woman! you got that whole package! he would be dumb not to like you."

she smiles so wide all you see is her teeth. she hugs me then walks back into the room with confidence and plops down next to niall and i follow.

"well im going to go outside to check out the campus anyone want to come with?" louis says

"sure" says harry

"sounds good" says liam

"alright" says zayn

"i will go" i say

a couple moments go by before louis asks " niall and michaela are you coming?" they pause and look at each other then shake their heads. everyone laughs and walks out.

"the weather is so beautiful today, they should have come" i say to the boys only harry nods

"zaynie!" zoe says with once again a world record of a huge smile

"zo!" they walk to eachother and give eachother a long hug and zayn spins her and she kisses him on the cheek. "i missed you babe" he says with a giggle and a smirk.

"i missed you too. i missed you so much!" she replys

louis says " im going to the bakery to eat, catch up with you guys later"

"im going to go too, i want to meet with as many fans as posible." liam says

"everyone is leaving... am i making things to aqward?" zoe says with a sarcastic concern look on her face. we all knew she could care less.

"i dont know but i forgot my phone at the dorm so i have to go get it, see you too later" i smile and start to leave

"wait for me!" harry yells

i cant help but smile " so zoe and zyan huh. how long have they been a couple?" i say while walking into the buliding with harry.

"i honestly dont think anyone knew but him and her hense everyone leaving out of awkwardness "

i laugh. as we turn the corner to go into the room we instantly see michaela and niall making out heavily on the bed..we run about ten feet from the door then look at eachother. " i never expected that"

harry laughs and says " me either" 

"im going to check if the are done now and get my phone and bolt back out as fast as i can"

"sounds like a plan jan" harry says showing his dimiple i almost fell head over heels for seeing

" my name is victoria " i smile looking a little mad.

" i know its a common saying in like movies and stuff." 

"i know " then i slap him in the arm jokingly and i giggle. i take off into the heated room grab my phone and leave. i meet back up with harry . we start to walk back to campus and i look at my phone to see if there are any missed calls or anything. i had one new message. *opens message*


authors note: i almost deleted it again.. oh my gosh i am the dumbest person alive!

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