their just human

this is a fan fiction about a girl named victoria runs into a couple guys at her new collage and is hoping a to get to know them better... way better :) the thing is that their rooms arent like any other collage dorm rooms. their rooms are pretty large with about 7 to 8 beds and they can have girls and guys sleeping in one room... together. i hope you enjoy c:


1. About Victoria~

hi, my name is Victoria. when i was little i never liked being inside for long periods of time. i swam in an in ground pool, in my huge back yard, or i played volley ball with my friends. so i stayed pretty fit i grew up with my friend Michaela who happens to be graduating with me and we are going to the same collage and hopefully we have the same dorm rooms.

i loved the idea about going away, with no parents, no family that would tell my parents if i did something wrong. how i would get away from whats happened in my past and focus on my future. so the day has come that i say good-by to my loved ones and especially my two doggies :) . i drove to Malibu, California with my friend Michaela on search for our new collage.

i am driving and she has shotgun "go left!" she screams, "we almost pasted the exit."

"well whose falt is that i say in a jokeingly matter.

she giggles and dosen't say anything more and i smirk.

we arrive to the collages parking lot and park our red mustang in an empty parking space. we sit there staring out our windows looking for cute guys, teachers, shops, ect.

"wow," Michalea says, "there sure are alot of people here that know what they are doing."

i respond with a smirk, "And we are certainly not one of those people."

we get out of the car and streched our arms out from sitting in the car for 2 hours.

"Are you guys new here.. like freshman?" a girl with long brown hair that goes down to her waist and green eyes.

we reply "yes."

"well you guys can get your stuff out of your car and follow me i will help you find things while i take you around campus, if thats okay with you two." her smile almost takes up her whole face.

i awkwardly reply "sure, we will need the help." i smile back not as widely.

"okay lets get to it chop chop!" she claps her hands like a seal, but we did what she said for us to do, being freshman and all we obey the clapping seal.

we get our stuff out and lock the car. mine and michaelas hands are completly filled with luggage and bags. i decide to make conversation with the seal, "are there any cute boys here?"

she laughs and says" you don't know?"

i respond with a questioned look. michaela says "what?"

"a former boyband is going here as freshman to catch up on school even though they would have been graduated already if they hadent gone on tour for four years."

 i respond quickly and excidedly " who are they! whats their band name?" 

"you will soon find out on your own" she smirks and takes us around campus for the first time.

she takes us to our dorm room. i was extatic about being roomies with michaela. there were 7 beds in one giant room.

"what was your name?" i ask the girl who took us around campus.

"Zoe" she smiles once again her smile takes over her face, "but dont get too excited boys and girls share dorms we arent sexist here." she leaves us in our dorm alone. 

me and michaela look at each other with a questioned look on our faces. then a deep voice walked to the door.

"is this your dorm?" he had choclate colored hair and a bit of curls.

oh my gosh! its harry styles! i look behind him and see the rest of the band and i almost pass out from excitement, im sure michaela was going though the same thing. i manage to slur out a "ye-yess" my face was probly ridiculous but who cares im going to live with one direction!


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