Girl Meets Boy Meets World

So you guys are gonna think I'm really weird for writing this but I think its funny. So whenever I get into a show or movie I like to imagine me in the show/movie. Recently I have been addicted to an older show called Boy Meets World and I have put myself into it. I'm not crazy...I just have a very active imagination...haha, hope you guys enjoy!


5. Warning

Shawn slid in next to me in Mr Turners class. Turner had just began teaching about the Great Gatsby. It was one of the only books that I actually refused to read. It was so boring. Before I had ran-away, I had started it but decided to just go online and find out what it was about. Apparently we were going to be starting to read it again. I laid my head on the desk and moaned under my breath. I didn't want to read it again, even though I never read it a first time. The last bell rang and Tapanga, Cory, Shawn, and I all stood up. 

"Wanna come over to my house?" Cory asked. I looked at Shawn, I don't really know why though. 

"Yes sure, common Em," Shawn said as he grabbed my hand. Cory saw and gave Shawn the 'eye'

"So Shawny, whats with you two?" he asked. 

"Nothing, just friends," Shawn said. 

"Well then how come you never held my hand eh Shawn?" Tapanga asked as he grabbed onto Cory's hand.

"Because your Core's, I wouldn't do that to him," Shawn said. "Now lets just drop it, OK?" 

About 15 minutes later we walked into Cory's house. Cory, Shawn, Tapanga and I all dropped our bags and jackets off my the front door and walked into the kitchen where Cory's mom was. 

"Hey kids," she said as she looked up from her magazine she was reading at the kitchen table. "Oh, and who are you?" she asked as she stood up and looked at me. 

"Hi Mrs Mathews, I'm Em Smith," I said. "I'm new here," 

"Oh well its very nice to meet you Em, and please call me Amy. Mrs Mathews is my mother," Cory's mom said. Cory walked over to the fridge and pulled out a box of Dr Pepper which is my favorite drink. Shawn and I both reached in and grabbed a can at the same time, our hands brushed up against each others as he both grabbed the can. 

"Y, you can have it," Shawn stuttered as he pushed his long brown hair back revealing his dark brown eyes. I smiled at him and took the can from him. I looked over and saw both Shawn and Tapanga staring at us. I glanced down and opened up the can and sat down. Shawn came over next to me and scooted his chair a bit closer to mine. Tapanga stood up and grabbed an apple out from the fridge. 

"Hey Em, can I talk to you for a minute," Tapanga asked. I nodded and followed her outside to the backyard. "I want you to be careful," she said. 

"What do you mean?" I asked as I took a sip of my drink. 

"Shawn," she said as she sat down on a green chair. I sat down next to her so she could explain. "I can tell that you like him and he likes you," she started, I started to protest but she cut me off. "Don't deny it. I know when Shawn likes someone and you just can't help fall for him. I can understand that. Your new in town. He's befriend you. You like him," 

"So maybe I do a little bit. So what?" I joked. 

"He is a ladies man. He dates girls for the fun of it. He thinks making-out should be a sport and if it was then he would be in the hall of fame. He has some stupid two-week rule where he only dates a girl for two-weeks, and that's if he really likes her. Dozens of girls have had to go through his two-week rule, they all thought he would change but after two-weeks he moves onto another girl," 

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked. 

"Because your my friend and I don't want to see you get hurt," Tapanga said. Just then the backdoor opened up and Shawn stuck his head out. 

"Hey Em, I was gonna head back to my place. Want me to walk you home?" he asked. I nodded and stood up. Shawn handed me my backpack and then we walked away. I dismissed what Tapanga said. I didn't really think that Shawn liked me. I was just a runaway with nothing. "So, since you don't have anywhere to go, where are you going to sleep and stuff?" Shawn asked as we neared the trailer park.

"Well I don't really know. I figured that since no one lives in that one trailer I would just sleep there. Get a job to pay for food and school and maybe shower at school or something," I said. I looked over and saw that he looked worried.

"Well, my parents are going to out of town for a few days. You can stay at my trailer if you want," he offered. I thought back to what Tapanga had said. But there was no way that Shawn liked me. He was just being a concerned friend. I nodded.

"Yea sure. I'd like that," I said as Shawn grabbed my hand.    

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