Girl Meets Boy Meets World

So you guys are gonna think I'm really weird for writing this but I think its funny. So whenever I get into a show or movie I like to imagine me in the show/movie. Recently I have been addicted to an older show called Boy Meets World and I have put myself into it. I'm not crazy...I just have a very active imagination...haha, hope you guys enjoy!


1. Run Away

I thanked the bus driver as I got off the bus. I had been on the bus for such a long time that my legs were sore and stiff. I looked around at all the cars that sped past me. This was a good place. A good place to start over. John would never find me here, he thought I hated the city. My new life was in Philadelphia. I had no where to stay and was almost completely out of money but I would manage. 

My name is Emily, everyone calls me Em. I have ran away from my life in California.  Ever since my mom past away about a year ago, things have been...difficult. My fathers name is John, he became an alcoholic when my mom died and whenever he drinks  which is most of the time, he becomes abusive. That's why I ran away. 

I looked around and saw John Adams High. I wanted to continue my education since I wanted to become an English teacher. I walked across the street to the school and walked in. It was lunch and lots of kids were wandering down the halls. I stopped and asked one boy with curly hair where the principals office was. He pointed down the hall and I continued down the hall. I found the door where the principal, Mr. Feeny, was. I knocked on the door and a short old man called me in. 

"Hello there, what can I do for you?" Mr. Feeny asked in a very kind voice.

I began to tell him my story about how I ran away and wanted to continue my education. I admitted I had no money but would get a job and pay for my schooling. The whole time Mr. Feeny looked at me and nodded every once in awhile. I could tell that he was actually listening to me. 

"Well then Ms Emily, I normally wouldn't do this, but since you seem sincere and you want to go to school, I will let you," Mr. Feeny said. "I'll have my secretary get your schedule ready, you start tomorrow morning. Be here in my office before school and I'll have someone show you around." 

I shake his hand and then left his office. I was happy. I could finish school and then become a teacher. Now I just had to find a place to sleep...




(In the description I said that I like to put myself into the show, I would like to make it clear that my mom is not dead and my dad is not abusive.)

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