Girl Meets Boy Meets World

So you guys are gonna think I'm really weird for writing this but I think its funny. So whenever I get into a show or movie I like to imagine me in the show/movie. Recently I have been addicted to an older show called Boy Meets World and I have put myself into it. I'm not crazy...I just have a very active imagination...haha, hope you guys enjoy!


8. Mr Turner

I woke up and looked around the trailer. It was dark but I could hear a lot going on. Someone yelling, dogs barking, doors slamming, and Shawn talking. I stood up and turned on the light. I made my way to the bedroom door and knocked softly and walked in. Shawn was sitting on the bed talking on his phone. 

"Yea, alright, well I'm glad that your coming back," he said. "Bye dad," Shawn said as he hung up. He looked at me.

"Everything ok?" I asked as Shawn made his way past me and back into the main part of the trailer. 

"Yea, kinda," he said as he sat down on one of the chairs. "My dad is coming back," he said. "He's gonna be here tomorrow night," he said as he closed his eyes. 

"Oh," I said. "So I have to go?" I asked. Shawn nodded slowly.

"I wasn't expecting him to be back so soon," he said. "But don't worry Em, I have an idea of somewhere you can stay," he said as he stood up and grabbed his leather jacket. 

"Shawn you realize that its 11:00 at night?" I said as I followed him out the door. 

"Yea I know, but he'll still be up," Shawn said as he locked the trailer and then grabbed my hand. He led me around all the trailers and out onto the main road. We crossed and walked right up to the building across the street. It was a large brick building. "Mr Turner let me live with him when I had no where to go. I'm sure he'll let you stay here too," he said as he pressed the elevator button. We waited and then walked in when it arrived. Shawn pressed the 5th floor and then we walked down the hall to the very last apartment on the right. Shawn knocked and a few seconds later Mr Turner opened the door. He was wearing long black sweatpants and a white tank top. 

"Hunter! What are you doing here?" Mr Turner yelled. "Every time I open this door it's always you and Mathews. Or I guess in this case it's Em here," he said as he noticed me. "Why don't you come one in?" he said. Shawn led me inside and we sat down on the couch. "Now what can I do for you?" he asked. 

"Well Em needs someplace to stay," Shawn started.

"And you want to stay here?" Mr Turner asked. "Just because I let you stay here Hunters doesn't mean that I will let all your little friends stay here too," 

"But she needs somewhere to stay," Shawn said. "She's been staying at my place since she got here and now my dad is coming back and she needs somewhere to stay," he said. Mr Turner gave us both a very worried look. 

"At your place? Alone?" he said. "Dang it Hunter! What were you thinking!?" he yelled. 

"What were you thinking?" Shawn yelled back. "Nothing happened!"

"Shawn, why don't you calm down a bit. We won't get anywhere if you two are yelling," I said as I stood up and grabbed his arm. Shawn nodded and sat down next to me and held my hand. "Please Mr Turner, I'll help pay for rent or anything," I offered. 

"No, no," he said as he shook his head. "Why do you need a place to stay anyways?" he asked. "Your parents ditch you too?"

"No, I ran away," I said as I looked down at the ground,

"Oh, well then," Mr Turner said as he started pacing back and playing with his hair. "Man I need to stop doing this," he said quietly to himself, "Fine, you can stay here Em," he said. "When will you be here?" he asked. "Tonight?"

"No, I'm gonna stay one more night with Shawn then I'll be here tomorrow night before Chet gets back," I said. Mr Turner nodded. 

"Well alright then," Mr Turner said as Shawn stood up and we walked out the door. 

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