Girl Meets Boy Meets World

So you guys are gonna think I'm really weird for writing this but I think its funny. So whenever I get into a show or movie I like to imagine me in the show/movie. Recently I have been addicted to an older show called Boy Meets World and I have put myself into it. I'm not crazy...I just have a very active imagination...haha, hope you guys enjoy!


6. His place

Shawn kicked open the door and then started to laughed. 

"Sorry, the door gets stuck sometime. You have to kick it to make it open," he said sheepishly as he brushed the hair out of his face like he had done a million times on the way home.

I walked inside and dropped my bag in the corner. Shawn turned the light on and set his bag next to mine. There was an old rabbit ear tv next to the door, Two armchairs sat in the middle. A desk sat behind the chairs and a bed sat against the left wall. On the right side of the trailer was a small kitchen and table. On the opposite side of the entrance was two more doors. The door on the left was Shawn's parents room and then the one on the right was a small bathroom. 

"It's not much but I call it home," Shawn said as he walked over to the fridge. "Man, I need to run to the store and get some food," he said as he shut the door. 

"So where are your parents?" I asked as I sat down on one of the armchairs. 

"Well my mom took off again and my dad is out searching for her again," Shawn said as he sat down in the other chair. 

"Sounds like that happens a lot," I said. 

"Yea, this is like the third time. The only difference is that this time he actually told me he was going and he calls almost everyday," Shawn said as he stood up. He walked over to the kitchen and opened up a owl cookie jar and pulled out some money. "I'm gonna head to the store, wanna come? We might stop by Chubby's on the way too," he said as he grabbed his leather jacket and put it on.  

"Yea sure, why not?" I said as I stood up and followed him out the door. 

About two hours later Shawn kicked open the door again. We walked in and set the paper bags on the table. Shawn started putting stuff up and he told me to go find something good on the tv. I walked over and started flipping through the channels. I finally stopped on Cops. Shawn came over and sat down next to me and held my hand. At 10:00 the tv randomly turned off. I looked at Shawn who sighed. 

"The park shuts off the tvs at 10, plus that's usually when people go to sleep around here," Shawn said as he stood up. "But we don't have to go to bed," he said. "We can just sit and talk?" he asked as he moved over to the bed that was in the corner. I shifted slightly in my chair. I remembered what Tapanga had said and now I started to feel slightly uncomfortable. "Oh, don't worry, I won't try anything unless you want to," Shawn said quickly as if he was reading my mind. That made me feel better. I stood up and sat down on the bed. 

After about 30 minutes of just talking Shawn said that he was going to go get me some of his clothes for me to sleep in. I yawned as I pulled a blanket around me and waited for Shawn to come back. A few minutes later he came back with a large green shirt and some exercise shorts. He handed me the clothes. 

"Is it ok if I get ready for bed?" Shawn asked as I started to head towards the bathroom. 

"Yea go ahead, you don't have to ask my permission. I'll be out in just a sec," I said as I walked into the bathroom. I quickly changed into the over-sized clothes that made me look as if I had lost 50 pounds. I walked out and saw Shawn sitting on the chair. He turned around when he heard me. I could see that he had no shirt on and it made my heart skip a beat. Literally. He didn't exactly have a 6-pack but he was muscular. He stood up and I then noticed that he was in just his boxers. I think I actually stopped breathing for a second cause I was not expecting it.

"I hope this is alright, I sleep like this all the time," Shawn said. I laughed and nodded. "Looks like someone has lost a bit of weight!" Shawn joked. I laughed and sat down on the bed. "You can sleep out here, this is my bed. I'll sleep in my parents room. Just call is you need anything," Shawn said as he gave me a slight kiss on the cheek. "Good night Em," he said right before walked into his parents room. I felt the spot where he had kissed me and I could feel myself blush. 

"Night Shawn," I whispered but he couldn't hear me.  

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