Save Me

My name is Ella, i;m 14 i live with my brothers One Direction, but they abuse me fro no reason. My parents are never home they are always on trips. The only one that knows about what the boys do is Sammy my best friend, I just wish they would change, someone Save Me.


6. Wow

A couple of months past and I've been saving money by singing on the streets. I would of had enough money a month ago but someone stole what I had earned one day and it was a lot of money but I have enough today so I'm going to the guitar shop right now. 
    I got to the store and I saw the one I have been eyeing for a few days now and that's the one I want it was almost exactly like my other one but new. So I bought it and I was heading home when I saw the boys. SHIT. What do I do so I put my hood up and kept my head down and walked right passed them. Yes, I made it that was I close one because I looked up and almost made eye contact and I look the same as I did when I left so it would of been easy for them to know who I was but I got away with it.
   I got home and ran up to my room and quickly got my guitar out I fixed the strings a little and started playing a tune I Made up for when I got it I called it summer love (yes I'm using the songs from the boys but just go with it and please don't hate) so I practiced the song all night long and I was going to play it tomorrow when I went to sing on the street.
*next day* 
    I was setting up my things when there were people already waiting for me to play I blushed because I never thought I was that good. So I got done with the song and I had 150 dollars in my guitar case. 
Nobody's P.O.V
     This happened everyday for a whole year and she was rich but she put it in her bank account for college 
Ella's P.O.V
     So I was out in a new area because I like going new places when I sing when a guy came up to me "hello I heard you from across the street and you sound amazing my name is Simon Cowwel and I'm a music producer, here's my card when you feel ready call me okay?" He said handing me his card. In my head I was freaking out but all I said was "okay thanks" and waved goodbye. After he was no longer in my view I quickly grabbed all my things and ran really fast back home. I told my mom the good news (just reminding you guys a year has pasted so she is 15 now) she told me to call him and so I did
*ring rin-*
Simon- hello?
Ella- hi it's me Ella 
Simon-oh hello so I see you made your mind up quickly
Ella- uhh yeah I guess so...
Simon- well why don't you stop by my studio the address is on the card and meet me there tomorrow at 1:00 pm does that sound good
Ella- yup sounds fine to me 
Simon- okay well bye
Ella- bye
I screamed and jumped around I thought about where my life might go with this. The name Simon sounded like someone I knew but I just let that slid. I fell asleep a jumpy waiting for tomorrow to hurry up
*next day* 
I shut my alarm off I looked at my clock and it was 10:00 am so I had about 2hours to get ready and it would take me a half in hour to get there so I wouldn't be late but I would be early.. I wore a crop top that said love on it and a blue tank-top under it, I wore some dark blue pants, and my black toms. I straightened my hair and left it down so my hair went to my mid stomach, and I just put on some basic make-up and I was ready to go. I still had a hour left so I got something to eat and read some fan fictions and a hour pasted so my mom drove me to the studio and I got inside and went to a lady behind a desk "hello I'm Ella I'm here for Simon Cowwel" " oh yes right this way follow me" she said hyper, this girl must love her job. She opened a door and there was Simon "hello Simon Ella is here to see you" the lady said. Simon looked surprised "oh right come in come in and take a seat" so I did and the lady left "so it looked like you were surprised to see me" I said awkwardly "oh yes my boys are always late and your early so that's new for me" "oh" was all that came out of my mouth "sooo what do you want to talk about" I said "well I would like to make you famous I think you have a really good voice so I think people would just love you" "we'll you know I try" I said dramatically. He laughed "so I see you've got a little humor in you" "yup" I said popping the "p". So the day went on and we talked about how I would work myself up to become famous and it sounded really cool to me. So at the end of the day I signed a deal or contract with him and he is my music producer now. I Feel Awesome. I get to live my dream.

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