Save Me

My name is Ella, i;m 14 i live with my brothers One Direction, but they abuse me fro no reason. My parents are never home they are always on trips. The only one that knows about what the boys do is Sammy my best friend, I just wish they would change, someone Save Me.


4. Running away

      It was in the middle of the night and so I thought it would be a good Idea if I start packing now. I grabbed a medium sized bag because I didn't want it to small and I wouldn't want to carry a really big one. I packed some random clothes and some of my depression pills, yes I have depression it's because of, well you know who. I snuck out of my room and made my way into my parents room I found 200 dollars in my moms drawer and a small handgun in my dads, he has one for safety that's why. I put on my tannish Uggs and a light purple jacket
      I walked out of my room and down the hall trying not to make any noise. When I got to the living room the boys were watching tv! Shit what are they doing up at this time?! I just casually walked over to them and stood in front of them "how did you get out and what are you doing?" Harry said. I pulled out the gun and held it out like a cop would do. They all got wide-eyed and froze "to answer your first question you guys tie the most retarded knots in the world and second I'm leaving this hell whole you guys suck!" I screamed at them "El can you please not do this we are really sorry" Niall pleaded. It made me go soft it's been a long time since he's called me El. But that changed quickly when he smirked and I knew he regretted it the moment he did it "first never call me El that name is only for people who treat me right and don't smash what I love most! And second of all you guys are such bad liars and I mean the worst... Well except Harry because he can keep a straight face unlike some people" I looked at Niall "so I'm going to leave what I feel about you then I'm outta here!" I said happy at the end "ok first Niall you are such a fucked up prick for destroying my guitar you are no longer considered my brother, Louis there will always be hope in my heart for you to not end up like a full douche bag, Liam I hope that you will end up with someone great then so they can tear your heart up, Zayn I hope they run out of mirrors and smash them all then shave your hair, finally Harry, the one and only biggest dick in the world, I hope you have aids or STD's so no girl will want you like EVER, and now for one last good bye to all of you I hope when you die you rot in hell" and with that I flipped them all off and ran out of the house really fast. I ran to the park, I didn't know where else to go I sat on a bench and just stared at the park.

     "Niall push me higher!" I said "I'm pushing with all my might El!" Niall said out of breath. And really I was going up high but I always wanted to go higher. 
(New flashback)
"Come on Ella-boo you can do it" Harry smiled at me "but Harry I'm scared go down the slide with me" I said giving him puppy dog eyes "okay but next time you have to go down by yourself okay?" "Okay pinky promise" and our pinky fingers intertwined with each other and he went down with me sitting in his lap and then I went down by myself and he caught me at the end.
(New flashback) 
"Boo-Bear were did you go?" I questioned because we were playing hide and seek *cough* "ha I know we're you are " I ran to the tunnel and found him "BOO" "ah" I went over to him and tickled him  but he tickled me back "boo-bear stop it" I said in between laughs "what do you say?" He said while tickling me "plleeaaassseeee!"  "Okay if you say so" he smiled
(New Flashback)
"Liam do you promise not to let go?"I asked him scared " I promise Ella" he said and gave me a reassuring smile. I started peddling with Liam by my side balancing me I got good speed and before I new it he had let go I stopped and looked back and he shrugged and came over to me and twirled me around " you did it Ella!" He congratulated me but I wasn't happy "what's wrong you did great?" He asked me "yeah I know I did but you promised you wouldn't let go" I pouted "okay I promise never to let you go again"
(New flashback)
"I'm gonna get you!" Zayn said while chasing me through the playground "nu-uh" I said sticking my tongue out at him but since I didn't have long legs and i was 5 years old he caught up to me and put me on his back "giddy up horsey"I said laughing. We played that all day until I got tired and had fell asleep in his arms
*end of flashbacks* 
      At that point I was crying tears slowly coming down one by one. I wish my brothers were still like that but they will never be the same. I fell asleep on that bench I didn't care what anyone thought I was freaking tired. Before I fell asleep I put the gun in my bag. And I was able to get more sleep then any other time. 
       I woke up at like 8:00 am because this stupid squirrel wouldn't shut up. I walked around a bit and went to Nando's because that's my favorite place to eat in the entire world. So I got some thing to eat and everybody looked at me weird because I was the only one at my table and I'm 14. So I was paying the check when the boys came in I quickly ran under a couples table and held my breath. The girl looked under neath I gave her a pleading look. She looked at me and understood. See girls have this connection so we know what's going on just by looking in each others eyes. I think I heard Niall say "have you seen a girl here about 14 and her name is Ella?" "Yes we did just a couple of minutes ago but she ran off and disappeared" the lady at the front desk said "well thanks anyway" Niall said back to her and they left. I crawled out from the table and looked at the couple they looked at me sadly. "Do you want to talk about it?" The girl said. Why not they seem very nice " I sat down and told them my life basically  "and now I ran away and I have no were to live and I was hiding from the guys that walked in" I said looking down at the table with a tear rolling down my cheek. "Sweetie you can stay with us we have plenty of room don't we Jack" Julie said (that's her name) "oh no I couldn't take that offer that's just to much" "no arguing you will live with us and no complaining because you shouldn't be sleeping on the streets you could get hurt really bad" Julie said concerned.  I mean I couldn't dis agree with that but the thing is I've never liked taking more than I should because I don't want to seem greedy "well okay but I really don't want to get in the way if anything" giving her a worried look "it's okay sweetie you won't get in the way of any thing I promise" she gave me a reassuring smile. 
      With that they payed for there food and I was off seeing my new home. :)

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