Save Me

My name is Ella, i;m 14 i live with my brothers One Direction, but they abuse me fro no reason. My parents are never home they are always on trips. The only one that knows about what the boys do is Sammy my best friend, I just wish they would change, someone Save Me.


3. My weekends

      I was in my room playing the guitar and humming along when all of the boys came rushing through the door with angry plastered all over there faces  "where the fuck where you?!?" Harry yelled "I was hear this whole time when you called me in the house I swear I'm not lying" "why didn't you tell us, we were worried sick" Niall butted in. That ticked me off because all of a sudden they 'care' about me? " really? When the fuck have any of you worried about me. For all I know you could care less what happened to me!!" All the guys got really pissed when I said that. I'm positive I'm going to be dead. "What did you just say??" Louis asked I was surprised he said that which made me more mad. I walked up to them which surprised them I got close to there faces and whispered "you heard me"  Harry slapped me I held my cheek in pain. They all came over to me and started kicking me really hard. In the ribs, torso, back, legs, and head. 
        By the time they were done I was bleeding every were it was a puddle of blood and tears mixed together. Before Harry left he said "next time watch your attitude Ella and no dinner tonight to." Shit I was going to starve I didn't eat lunch today because it was gross. I'm like Niall I need food like all the time so this was going to be hard. I layed there all night trying to sleep but the pain took over and so I couldn't even close my eyes. Why me? Was all that went through my head how could it go from good to really bad in a snap. I tried to get up many times but fell over and screamed when I hit the bruises that were forming on my body. I had like 2 hours of sleep last night. I finally got the courage to try again and the pain shooting everywhere in my body but I had to get up I was stronger then this I was letting sorrow and anger take over I would always fail. 
      But this time mostly anger took over and I was able to stand you slowly walked out my door while limping cuz one of the boys kicked me really hard in my thigh so when I flex it it feels like someone is stabbing a knife in my leg. 
      I got down stairs and the boys weren't awake  it must be early. I was sitting watching the Telly when Zayn came out and sat next to me. He took the remote and changed it to football. I rolled my eyes and got up but Zayn pulled me back down "what the heck?" I said to him confused. "Your going to watch this with me" I rolled my eyes and put my bowl down. I mean I can watch football games but only the ones I like and this is one i hate. I was bored the whole game. I don't know how the boys watch this stuff. I got up grabbed my bowl  but when I went to grab it Zayn touched my ass and my reflex was to smack him. Big Mistake. He pulled my hair and kneed me in the face, pushed me over and kicked me repeatedly in the stomach. Well he noticed I was holding my thigh (the one that felt like a knife go through it) and he kicked it really hard. I screamed really loud. Now it feels like a chainsaw going through it very slowly I might add. Zayn stormed off to his room. I was crawling down the hallway when all the boys except Zayn came rushing down and all stood next to me. " what happened" they all said. I ignored them and kept crawling. Liam pulled my hair back "tell us what happened Ella!" I laughed and said "well mirror boy decided it was okay to touch a 14 year olds ass and my reaction didn't go so well with him so there you go and might I add how do you watch those stupid ass football games?" Liam stopped pulling my hair  and all the boys walked up stairs I laughed once again knowing that they didn't care I crawled to my room and shut the door making sure to lock it. I got to my bed and laid down making sure not to put pressure on my leg. I was falling asleep when someone knocked on my door. "What do you want" I said annoyed "umm it's me Zayn I wanted to say I'm sorry" I laughed "sorry Zayn I  don't want your apology not today not ever" I could hear him walk away maybe I could get some peace and quiet. But I never get that so it made me wonder what they were doing. I got out of bed limping even more.
      I opened my door and it was silent I walked down the hall but I got hit with something and I blacked out  
      When I woke up I was in my room but tied to a chair I tried to get out but it was no use. All of the boys walked in my room and I gave  all of them death glares. "Since you can't take apologies we decided it was okay if we take away some of your things and when I say take I mean destroy." Harry said so he grabbed my snow globe that he gave me and smashed it on my floor glass flying everywhere. Next was Liam he grabbed my signed skate board by tony hawk ( yes it's signed by him and I used to skate board when I was allowed to) and broke it in half I whimpered cuz it took me along time to get that signed.  Then Zayn smashed my mirror witch wasn't that much to me but I think it meant to him. Then Louis he knew were I kept my laptop... And that's what he took from out under my pillow I shook my head no and he just smirked putting it on the ground and smashing it with a baseball bat. Finally it was Niall he was looking at my guitar the whole time. He grabbed it I tried screaming because that guitar meant a lot to me. He smashed it like a rock star would smash there's. and they all left satisfied with there work. Bastards. I was so angry I broke the chair getting out but it worked. I walked over to my guitar not caring about the glass on the floor I kneeled down and picked up the the broken guitar I started crying softly.
       That's it I'm done with these guys I'm running away somewhere far away. Yeah.


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