Save Me

My name is Ella, i;m 14 i live with my brothers One Direction, but they abuse me fro no reason. My parents are never home they are always on trips. The only one that knows about what the boys do is Sammy my best friend, I just wish they would change, someone Save Me.


5. My new home

   I walked in to there house which was very big. "Go ahead take a look around there are about 3 spare rooms up stairs see which one you like and you can have it" Julie said pushing me up stairs. I walked in to the first room. It had pink walls- nope I'm out of that room I hate pink. The second room had white walls a zebra bed set and some white dressers and pretty much white everything which would be bad for me because I make some big messes. The last room was like amazing it had blue walls a sorta ocean bed set wood floors, a light tannish dresser and night stand there was a bathroom connecting to the room to and even a walk in closest! This was my room definitely. I walked back down stairs "hey Julie I think I've found the room I wanted" I said shyly "okay which one did you pick?" "I picked the blue one if that's okay with you?" I questioned (like I said this is way to much to ask for) "of corse it's okay just put your belongings in YOUR new room, and please call me mom if you want, I mean only if you want to?" She asked. Wait did they want to adopt me? "Um am I being adopted?" "Well we were going to ask if you wanted to be our daughter later but I guess I will ask you now.. So do you want to be adopted?" She looked me in the eyes. I thought about it for awhile I mean I didn't want to go back to the boys and I didn't want to live on the streets "okay I guess so... Mom" she squealed and hugged me "yay we are going to go shopping later so get cozy in your new house before we go to the mall!" She said while trying to stay in her seat. She looked like she was going to explode of excitement.
   I walked back into my new room and started unpacking what I had with me. I just dumped my things on the bed. I noticed a picture I picked it up and stared at it for a long time, it was a picture of me and all the boys before they went to the x-factor (Harry was 16 um and the rest were the age when they joined the x-factor) I was 13 so it was only a 3 year difference. I put it on my nightstand so I can remember when they were still the same. I went back down stairs and "mom" gave me a tour of the house. After that we went shopping we bought a lot of things. Stuff that I was probably never going to use, but she just kept buying things for me when I told her not to. We were walking around when I saw a guitar shop I ran straight in and almost tripped with all the bags I had in my hands, shortly after my mom came jogging over. "You run really fast do you do track or something?" She asked out of breath. "Yeah I used to but I quit because I had to" "well I don't want to get in you business so I won't ask". This is what I've been looking for, this is the family I've always wanted. A nice and caring family that doesn't beat you or are really strict and don't get in your business and I like that. 
      I told my mom that if I were going to get a guitar that I would have to earn it and not have her buy it. She protested but she didn't win. We got home and I went straight to bed 
Niall's P.O.V.
    We went to Nando's because we knew she loved that place and it turns out she did go but we didn't leave early enough to catch her because Zayn didn't have his hair perfect. I thought about what she said to me about never considering me as her brother really hurt me when she is the most one like me, we both had brown hair but always dyed it blonde, we both have blue eyes, we love food, and our favorite place to eat is Nando's, also she has more of a Irish voice then a British voice but its in the middle and it's cool. We really were mean to her like really mean, but we didn't notice. I guess with all this fame comes frustration and we took it all out on her. I feel really bad now. I just want her back but she hates us and that's not going to change anytime soon. We all gave up when it started to get dark out and we all went back home without saying a word and then we went to bed.

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