Save Me

My name is Ella, i;m 14 i live with my brothers One Direction, but they abuse me fro no reason. My parents are never home they are always on trips. The only one that knows about what the boys do is Sammy my best friend, I just wish they would change, someone Save Me.


2. My days

       It was Friday and for me I hate Fridays because then there was the long weekend of hell. I wasn't aloud to go anywhere because it was one of there 'rules' I have to follow. See if I break a rule I get beaten if I talk without being told to I get beaten or if they are in a bad mood I get beaten but the bad moods don't happen often I'm thankful for that. So I was walking home with Sammy and we were talking when Harry yells through the door "Ella get your ass home NOW!!!" "Coming" I yell back Sammy hugged me goodbye and started getting teary because she knew I would have more bruises when I go back to school. I got in to the house and the boys were playing Xbox so maybe they would let it slid this time. I quickly raced up to my room and shut my door quietly I got on my laptop and Messaged Sammy saying 
Me: hey I made it home without a word being said to me I think this is the best day ever well maybe let's just see about the rest of it goes...
Sam: that's great I can't wait to see you on Monday I wish your brothers weren't so strict I miss you already I hope nothing happens :(
Me: me to :( I wish I had a normal life with my mom and dad not having to go away all the time and loving brothers now that would be a life I want. 
Sam: I wish the same for you to, well I have to go talk to me when you can or need to love you bye :)
Me: see ya love you to :)
        I put my laptop back under my pillow because the boys like to take it away. I lay down and stare at the ceiling I didn't know what else to do. I mean I really can't do anything else. I had to be quiet the rest of the day if  I make sounds I get in trouble because they think I'm annoying when I make sounds.  so this is how my days are. 
       You may think it might be boring having to be quiet but really when you've been doing this for 3 or 4 years you get used to it and I've become better at my art and my song writing I have to keep my songs hidden because once the boys saw one of my songs and used it as there's. It was the song I Would I wrote it because I really liked this boy a year ago but he moved so when the boys found it they just turned it into a boy version I really hate that they did that but I can't do anything about it anyways. 
           I'm really good at the guitar Niall taught me how to play, well before they completely changed into monsters. I wish my life was back to normal.    

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