I see the deaths of those around me, I see every stopwatch's end time. My first friend was the one who stopped every one of her friends' stopwatches. I may be next.


3. 00.00.02

“Ester? Impossible, she’s this town’s angel.” Auntie exclaims.
“Exactly, the only thing that gives her away is her eyes. Even after all this time, she still gives me nightmares.”
“Alice, you’re one of the last ones right?” Kevin asks.
“Yes, I still don’t know why I’m even alive. I knew every girl, I watched her every move, I even tried to help a girl capture Ester. To me, she was in every way my first friend.” I stare at the ground.
“You even tried to help other girls escape or at least give them more time, it was their fault for trusting her.” Kevin pats me on the back.
“You have it don’t you?” Uncle asks sadly.
“It’s getting worse as well.”
“What are you talking about?” Auntie asks worriedly.
“Every Data descendant is cursed to see the “timers” as we call it.”
“Basically you see when they die, for every descendant it’s different. But all around they see the same thing, death.” Kevin fills in.
“Did your mother?”
“No, remember, she became Data after marriage. It would have never affected her children with another man.”
“Did her second know?” she raises her hand to her mouth.
“No, he was just an insane asshole.” I shrug.
“Language sister.”
“I know, I know.”
“When Ester was with you, you could tell it was her right?”
“Yes, I didn’t need the curse to see that. Her eyes give her away every time. The cold steel glint of a knife that cuts you when you look her straight in the eye. Everyone may say they’re a beautiful bluish-grey, but that’s what everyone looked like afterwards.” I draw my legs up to my chest. Why must nightmares continue to haunt me when I’m awake?
“How far have your powers developed?” Uncle asks Kevin.
“Mine are fairly normal. I touch someone and I see the date, if I touch more than once I get a dream of how they die. Alice’s is a bit different though.”
“How so?”
“She doesn’t need to touch, she can get thoughts as well.”
“It’s not fun though. I don’t usually like knowing what people think of me.” I say wryly.
“Alice, I can understand why and to tell you the truth I still don’t know how yours are that developed and how there are no setbacks.” Uncle scratches his head.
“Luck, that’s my set back. From Ester, to Crystal, to mom, to this. The curse causes bad luck.”
“Then can I call you Lucky?” Kevin asks. The next few minutes are filled with Auntie and Uncle pulling us apart, some very creative swears, and a couple of curses thrown on for good measure.
“It was a joke Alice.” Kevin says rubbing his backside.
“I’m not a pet you can name like that stupid.” I glare at him.
“This is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves.  Alice I want you to keep a close eye on Ester. Connie, try to see what you can find on the bodies, Ester is a skinny girl she would need something to control them when she killed them. Kevin, you need to touch everyone she comes in contact with to dig up information.”
“What about you Ron?”
“I’m going into the case, if I can get in touch with Miruna we will have more at our disposal.”
“She is the family’s oldest member and the most knowledgeable on the matter of the curse. The only problem is that it’s forbidden to talk to her.”
“I still don’t know why though.” I interject.
“Miruna is one of the oldest for a reason; she found immortality, at least partial. She can still die but she never gave the information how to obtain it. Naturally the other members were pissed and banned anyone from talking to her.”
“Of course we’re breaking the bonds with our other family members correct?” Kevin clarifies.
“Of course, most of them have grown out of their curses and flaunt it about.” Uncle nods.
“You’re not a bunch of werewolves are you? Not that I’ll leave you or anything but I can only handle so many family curses at one time.” Auntie asks.
“No that would be another cursed family. I’ll tell you all the stories later, right now you two have school and I have to get in contact with Miruna.” We all nod and Auntie goes to lie down on the couch.
“Bye Auntie.” I kiss her forehead.
“Bye Aunt Connie.” Kevin follows suit. Walking outside we look back at the house.

“Life is about to become hell isn’t it Kev?”
“Don’t use such vulgar language Delilah, and yes; life just became difficult.”
“Kevin you’re such a dork.”
“And you’re such a recluse. It amazes me sometimes how you became so introverted.”
“Hello, unlike you I see numbers automatically. It gets harder when you read minds.”
“I will give you that.” He becomes silent for a moment.
“Delilah, Ester caused the numbers to drop before they were ready right?”
“Keep an eye out and try to stop it without drawing attention to yourself.”
“Will do, I wonder if she will recognize me.”
“At this point it would be better if she didn’t.”
“Make sure to stay away from the woods, that’s how she draws people in.”
“That’s how it started.” I nod.
“Kimberley was drawn with sweet words and smiles. It ended badly for her.”
“There are more to the legends than one would think. Quick, what legend does Ester sound like?”
“With looks, voice, aura, and eyes? Succubus easily.”
“Then there would be an incubus as well. You watch it down there.” I fight the urge to blush. Damn him, why did I tell him about sex? Oh right I wanted to ruin his pure innocent mind, heh it was pretty funny. His face contorted to a disgusted old woman before he asked why living species did it. I told him that it’s supposed to feel good and it’s instinct to make babies. Good times, good times.
“I know you’re remembering “the talk” and I suggest you wipe that stupid grin off your face.” He threatens. I look down and see his face is all red and he’s looking the other direction.

“Good lord do you look cute with that blushing face of yours, yes you do!” I pinch his cheeks and talk like a doting mother with her first newborn, before it starts to cry non-stop. He swats my hand away and glares at me. I take his glasses and hold them up high.
“Alice don’t be a butt!” he stomps his foot.
“Fine, fine, here you go.” I grin. He continues to glare at me before he turns away.
“How you manage to be so reserved with this behavior is astounding.” He pushes his glasses up. As we near the fork in the road that leads to our respective schools I watch him off.
“Yo Kev!” he turns.
“Careful out there and remember, I’m not above either.” I call. Even at a distance I see him smirk.
“You too, don’t get seduced by a incubus!” I stick my tongue out and walk the other direction. After a good 10 minutes of walking I near my new school. Etaient High, home of the Wolves. The large pristine building is regarded as one of the best. Only after numerous tests and such can you even be screened to get in.

“Alice? Alice Data? Is that really you?” my eyes widen. I recognize that airy tone that told you everything was alright. I turn to see a grown up Ester, with brown and pink hair in very suggestive clothes. So much for the angel look.

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