Is He the One?

This is a story about a girl who after pleading with her boss, Ellen from Ellen meets One Direction. They hang out and Alyssa finds both Niall and Harry falling in love with her. Being forced to choose by Liam who doesn't want the boys to be heart broken, Alyssa finds herself in and out of hospitals, sleeping with the wrong guy, and taking a visit to a special doctor.



HARRY!! I turn around and see Harry, Harry Styles!! He followed me on the plane and has been kicking my seat to get my attention. He smiles at me and snogs me real good. He tells me he loves me about one million times. I reply with ‘I love you too.’

            Now that I think about it Harry did follow me onto the plane. He also kicked my chair for an hour, and has no further plan of what he is going to do. He really loves me!!! Wait!! My phone is beeping, it’s a face time. Oh boy, it is Niall. I guess I will answer. Ok, I am pressing the button!?!?!?!

            “Hello, love.” Niall says in a cheery voice.

            “Hey Niall, what’s up?” I say a little shaky.

            “Well, I tried to follow you to Georgia, but when I went to find tickets there were not any left. I’m sorry I wish I was there with you.” Niall says quite sad.

            Right then Harry kicks my chair again and playfully asks me to come back to his seat. I ask him for a minute and he says, “Don’t make me wait to long!”

            “Who was that?” Niall asks in shock.

             “Well… Harry is, well, on the plane.” I say looking away.

            “What?!?!?!? Are you kidding? I searched for 3 hours for plane tickets and even ran to the airport to see if I could get on the plane, and Harry is there? Is he sitting next to you in your seat?” Niall asks in a frantic tone.

            “No, no one is sitting next to me.”

            “Owwwww, Harry must have bought all the tickets so I couldn’t get one!” Niall told himself.

            Then before I could even say anything Niall ended the face time call. I turned around to Harry and smiled then gathered my stuff and went to sit with him. He asked me who I was talking to then I said ‘Niall,’ Harry’s face turned red and then he calmed down and kissed me on the forehead. We talked for a while and then I fell asleep on Harry’s shoulder, until the plane was about to land. Everybody filed off the plane and Harry had his hand on my lower back. As I turned the corner to get my baggage there in the Atlanta, Georgia airport stood, Niall Horan.

            “NIALL! How did you get here?” I asked a little nervous.

            “Well, I used our private jet. I love you! I couldn’t stay away from you.” Niall said with love in his voice.

            “I am sorry boys. I really need some time to think about this. I think you both should go back to London.” I said in a whisper.

            Both Harry and Niall look at their feet and slowly turn around and leave. I feel really bad, but I think I love them both. But, now I have to get to Cassidy’s, I am worried about telling her because she doesn’t know about me and One Direction, she just thinks it is 2 boys I randomly found in London.

            I have arrived at Cassidy’s parents’ house, and we are all hugging and chatting a bit.

            “So what’s up with those boys of yours? What are their names?” Cassidy said very interested.

            “Well, you know how I work on the Ellen show?”

            “Yeah?!?!?!?” Cassidy replied a little confused.

            “Ellen got One Direction on the show and I met, and hung out with them. So, Harry and Niall have both fallen in love with me and are fighting over me and I can’t choose.” I said quickly.

            Cassidy’s face lit up and then got red; she looked excited and a little angry at the same time. She settled down and comforted me. We talked for a while and Cassidy helped me think about the whole citation. Although, during this conversation I kept getting texts from Harry and Niall telling me they loved me and missed me, which made the whole process more difficult and worse. Cassidy and I decided that the next boy to SHOW me they loved me and not text me it would be who truly loved me, and who I truly loved.

            A few seconds before ending this conversation there was a knock at the door. I walked over to the door and opened it revealing…

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