Is He the One?

This is a story about a girl who after pleading with her boss, Ellen from Ellen meets One Direction. They hang out and Alyssa finds both Niall and Harry falling in love with her. Being forced to choose by Liam who doesn't want the boys to be heart broken, Alyssa finds herself in and out of hospitals, sleeping with the wrong guy, and taking a visit to a special doctor.


3. An unforgettable ER trip

I can barely see, but I am waking up. I hear a beeping noise and my vision is slowly coming back. Now I see Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis looking down at me and informing the doctor that I am awake.

            “What is going on? Where am I?” I say in a shaky voice.

            Louis says, “Well, you were in an unused dressing room, and you suddenly passed out. We took you to the hospital and you have been sleeping for 3 days.”

            I look around the room still unsure of what is going on. Then, I see Harry in a chair looking away from me. I can see water marks on his cheeks and his eyes are red and puffy. You can tell he has been crying.

            Liam bends over and whispers in my ear, “Harry has been here for the past 3 days, he hasn’t slept much. And, he hasn’t even gone to the hotel room to change clothes or eat.”

            “Why has he been crying?” I ask with a concerned look on my face.

            “Well, he hasn’t eaten in 3 days first of all, and you heart rate has been randomly dropping. One time you almost… um… never mind.” Liam said in a frantic voice.

            “Oh my gosh, what is wrong with me?”

            “We don’t know yet, but the doctor said he will contact us soon.” Zayn said.

            “Would you guys give me a minute,” I said aloud.

            All of the boys filed out, but before Harry left I stopped him.

            “Thank you Harry, for being here.” I said

            With tears streaming down his face he whispered, “You almost died, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault.”

            “No it is not! If anything you made me feel better. Though, what will make me feel even better is if you would kiss me.” I say.

            Harry looks up, and smiles through his tears, and tells me he thinks he can do that. Then, he lays his soft warm lips against mine. For minutes we kiss, and I really am feeling better. I whisper in Harry’s ear between breathes, “Hey, you got a text, it is from Alyssa. It says ‘I love you’!” I feel amazing until I look up and see Niall standing in the door way with this look on his face like he has just seen a ghost. What have I done?

            The doctor comes in and tells me that I had a very mild sort of seizure, probably from some sort of stress. Also, that he is going to put me on some medicine to prevent it again so in a few hours I can go home as long as there is someone to care for me. As the doctor is leaving he turns around and says, “You have quite a boyfriend. He hasn’t left this room except to use the restroom; he has been here the whole time and has covered you in blankets. He has also sung to you, and when your heart rate dropped. When he sang to you and it went back to normal. It seems you two have quite a connection.” Then the doctor left and Harry kissed me.

            “You did all of that?” I asked a little confused.

            “Well, yes, I mean I love you.” Harry said while blushing.

            I guess I fell back asleep because Niall has just woke me up with a kiss. He is picking me up and carrying me down the hallway, denying all help from people and available wheelchairs. While he is placing me in the car he gives me a big kiss and looks me straight in the eye and says I love you and that I better not scare him again like that. I smiled and then realized Niall was the only one in the limo with me. I asked him why and he replied with, “Liam and Louis had to go with Paul somewhere, Zayn went out to get food, and Harry didn’t want to come get you.”

            Looking away in sadness and gratefulness, I said, “Well, thank you so much for coming and getting me. I am glad it was YOU who came, and no one else.” Niall blushed.

            Niall smiled and we were silent for the rest of the ride. As we approached the hotel I could see police men making a bigger pathway than usual for us. I could also see Harry standing on the curb waiting for the limo to pull up. Once we pulled up, Niall jumped out of the limo and ran around to my side of the car. Before he opened the door, I could hear Harry and Niall fighting over who got to carry me up stairs. Luckily, before it broke out into a fist fight Ellen rolled up and told the boys I was going to be staying at her place. Both of the boys sighed and ran off yelling at each other. Ellen opened to door and helped me to her car. We hopped in and drove to her place. Shortly after settling down with some tea the phone rang. It was the boys calling, and they demanded I go back to their hotel room to be cared for. A verbal fight went on for a while until Ellen gave in and told them that I should make the decision. She put the phone on speaker and looked over at me. As if it was synchronized Ellen and One Direction said, “So where would you like to stay?” I replied with a shrug and ‘you pick.’ Ellen looked me straight in the eyes and pointed to the phone trying to make me infer that she thought going to One Direction’s hotel room would help me sort out my boy problem. I said that I would like to go to the boys’ hotel room, and I heard cheering through the phone. Ellen smiled and laughed, then told me to get my stuff and escorted me to the car.

            When I arrived at the hotel where One Direction was staying, I saw all of the boys lined up on the curb each one eager to help me to their room. As I got out of the car, a bell boy quickly ran up to me and helped me. All of the boys seemed very disappointed, as the bell boy helped me to the boys’ room.  Before the bell boy left I whispered in his ear ‘thank you,’ he nodded, smiled, and then scurried off.

            All of the boys crowded around me asking me if I needed anything or if I wanted to play a game or watch a movie, it was crazy. I needed to get a second to breathe my own air so I sent Louis to get me some tea, Liam to get me a blanket, Zayn to get me a sweatshirt, Niall to pick out a movie, and Harry to fetch my phone. I got about 3 minutes of peace before I was bombarded with the items I asked for. After some shuffling and shoving I had my sweatshirt and blanket on, my tea in my left hand, and my phone in my right hand, and the movie was starting. I rested my head on Niall’s lap and the rest of my body, in a curled up ball, on Harry’s lap. Louis and Liam shared another couch and Zayn was in a chair. I was glad that I could just relax and watch the movie without being bothered by Harry and Niall’s bickering and the other boys trying to tend to my every need, even though it was really sweet.

About half way through the movie I fell asleep. I must have slept a couple of hours because when I woke up I found the TV off and the movie in its case. It was about 1am and Niall and Harry were fighting about who gets me in their bedroom for the night. Then Liam butted in and told them that I would have to stay for at least 2 nights so I would be able to sleep in both bedrooms. Niall and Harry finally decided that I would sleep in Niall’s room first, and then Harry’s the next night. So, I was swept up by Niall and we disappeared into his room. I really wanted to talk with Niall about everything, but he could tell I was really tired and made me go to bed. Before I totally blacked out sleeping Niall gave me a kiss and told me he loved me and always will. I went to bed bickering with myself about whom I love more Niall, or Harry.

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