Is He the One?

This is a story about a girl who after pleading with her boss, Ellen from Ellen meets One Direction. They hang out and Alyssa finds both Niall and Harry falling in love with her. Being forced to choose by Liam who doesn't want the boys to be heart broken, Alyssa finds herself in and out of hospitals, sleeping with the wrong guy, and taking a visit to a special doctor.


5. A punch in the heart

We walked down the wooded path for a while and then we saw Harry lying on the concrete with bruises and scratches all over his face, he was barely moving. I and Liam ran up to him to see if he was alright. All Harry said was, “It hurts, and he ran.” Then it seemed like he died. I quickly called 911 and soon after Harry was taken away in a stretcher! I turned to Liam.

            “What have I done? I sent Niall and Harry off together and they only hurt each other more!” I said bursting into tears.

            Liam looked at me very concerned, “This is not your fault. They chose to fight, not you.”

            “I know that but I sent them off together, so it was me who gave them the opportunity to fight.”

            “It is still not your fault.” Liam said very calmly.

            “We should find Niall. Do you have any idea where he would be?”

            “No not really we will just have to look around, love.” Liam said smiling.

            We set off to find Niall… We looked everywhere, in restaurants’, in bars, in stores, and in parks. Niall is nowhere to be found! Finally after 3 hours of searching for Niall, Liam and I started to give up. We were on our way back to the hotel when we passed a bridge and saw 2 high tops sticking out of a lip in the bridge, and beside the high tops were food to-go boxes. Liam yelled Niall’s name and we took off towards the bridge. We knew it was Niall!

            When we got near where Niall was we could see he was crying. He had food on his hands and a big black eye. He just looked up at us and cried more. I sat down beside him and rubbed his back. He put his head on my shoulder. Now I am feeling like a jerk. I am tearing the band apart for sure now. I looked up at Liam and said, “I can’t stay any longer I really need to go. I am going to split up your band, and I love One Direction to much to do that. Let’s help Niall back to the hotel and I will pack my stuff and leave.”

            “Alyssa, please. You leaving will tear the boys apart more.” Liam said real concerned.

            “Yes, I know, but if I go they won’t physically hurt each other. And, they can get over a girl, but not a buddy for life!” I am now in tears.

            Without letting anyone say anything back, to my response to Liam I helped Niall up and we were on our way to the hotel. When we reached the hotel there was more fans there than usual, me, Niall, and Liam quickly walked past the crowd, and slipped into the elevator. Once, we got into the hotel room I hurriedly grabbed my stuff said my good-byes and left. I could hear Niall burst into tears again. Although, I felt really bad I knew it was going to be better for everyone. My plan right now is to stop and say hi to Harry in the hospital, then go home and get ready for work. Since I have no car I must walk 24 blocks to the hospital and then 40 blocks back home.

 I have finally reached the hospital and the nurses have directed me to the room of Harry Styles. As I turned into Harry’s room he sat up a little and smiled. He had cuts and bruises all over, but the blood from earlier was cleaned up. Harry gestured to my bag and I told him that I packed my stuff up from their hotel room and am leaving.  Before I could say anything Harry yelled out, “NO!! You can’t leave, I love you.”

            “But Harry, I am tearing you apart. I’m so sorry, but I have to go. Good-bye.” I said with a depressed voice.

            I tried not to cry, but I felt the tears coming out of my eyes. I quickly turned around said good bye again and left Harry’s room. He said ‘I love you,’ under his breath right as I left the room. I am running down the hall nearing the exit with tears now pouring out of my eyes, like the showers that are British. Right as I was about to leave the hospital the rest of the boys arrived. Louis grabbed my shoulders, but I managed to wiggle out, and I ran back to my apartment. The whole 40 blocks, I was crying and running. I didn’t stop once.

            I have gotten back into my apartment and am calling my best friend Cassidy to tell her basically everything that has happened. She is visiting her family in Georgia, and offered me to fly in to Atlanta and come visit her. I accepted and immediately after hanging up the phone I got onto my laptop and bought a plane ticket. Then, I headed off to work.

            I stayed quiet the whole time, and avoided Ellen because if she were to ask what was wrong I would just burst into tears. About every 2 minutes I got a text from someone in One Direction, but I just ignored them. When there was 3 minutes left of work, and I thought I was safe from Ellen or the texts, you know basically everything; I got a call from Zayn. I hesitated but didn’t answer. Then I checked my phone and saw I had a voice mail it said, ‘Will you please come back. Both Harry and Niall are not eating or talking. You know that is huge for Niall. Harry is drowning in beer, and keeps breaking beer bottles in the bath tub. It is crazy, and only you can make it better. Please come back, or just call.’ Right then Ellen asked what the call was about. I just told it was some old friends; she nodded and released me from work.

            I trotted home and saw 8 more texts from One Direction. As much as I want to call them back and see them I can’t, it will just hurt both me and them. Checking my watch it is 10pm and my flight is at 11:30pm I better get moving. Luckily I already packed so I just have to grab my bags and go.

            Now, I am at the airport. There is like no one here so security didn’t take long at all. I have just grabbed a mocha and can see that it is time for me to board. Perfect timing! My seat is first class B3. I pretty excited that no one else is seating in the seat next to me so I can spread out.

            We have already taken off and have been flying for about 45 minutes. Recently somebody has been kicking my seat. It is a little annoying, but I will let it slide for a bit because it is probably a kid.

            This kid is relentless. He keeps on kicking my seat harder and harder. I am so over this now. I have made the decision to ask them to stop. When I turn around I see…

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