Is He the One?

This is a story about a girl who after pleading with her boss, Ellen from Ellen meets One Direction. They hang out and Alyssa finds both Niall and Harry falling in love with her. Being forced to choose by Liam who doesn't want the boys to be heart broken, Alyssa finds herself in and out of hospitals, sleeping with the wrong guy, and taking a visit to a special doctor.


4. A making love mistake

(YAWN) I just woke up and have found myself naked and lying next to naked Niall. Oh boy, if Harry finds out he is going to be miserable. With a hop in my step I quickly get out of bed and change into some of Niall’s sweats. I can feel sweat forming on my brow as I walk out into the kitchen. There is Liam with an expression of disapproval on his face.

            “Good night?” Liam says in a sarcastic voice.

            “I guess.” I say with a shaky voice.

            “I hope you know you really hurt Harry. Last night around 3am he walked in to check to see if you were ok, but he found you making love to Niall. I couldn’t tell what his face looked like inside the room, but he left in tears.” Liam said sternly.

            “I feel really bad. Honestly, I didn’t even know that I had sex with Niall. When I woke up we were both naked so I figured it out. Trust me I never planned on doing that.” I said in a frantic tone.

            “I believe you. You walked out of Niall’s room with quite a confused face. The only bright side to this is that you seem to be feeling better.” Liam said.

            I was about to say something when I heard a door close and saw, naked, Harry come out of his room with a beer in his hand. He was obviously very drunk and upset. He walked into the kitchen with a smile and said, “Good morning, love,” to me. I smiled back and said thanks. Liam scolded Harry and told him to put some clothes on for everybody’s sake. Harry broke down into tears and grabbed another beer from the fridge and slowly walked back to his room. Liam turned to me and apologized for Harry’s disturbing behavior.  When I finally thought that I could settle down for a few minutes from boy trouble Niall walked in with a HUGE smile on his face. He walked up to me and touched my stomach, and said “Don’t worry about any babies, I used protection!”  I laughed a little and said thank you. Then Zayn interrupted by telling Niall to go change because we were going out for breakfast. Niall trotted down the hall, but before entering his room he stuck his head into Harry’s room and threw a condom in while yelling “Suck it, I got her!” Then he turned around and kicked his door open, gave me a wink and ran inside.

            Shortly after Niall’s outburst Harry sauntered out of his room with the condom Niall threw in his room strung around his neck. He walked up to me and stuck it in my face whispering “At least I have a piece of you!” Thankfully Niall came out, and we all left for a local breakfast place.  Breakfast, was the worst thing ever. Niall and Harry fought over and me without saying it literally. They incorporated the fight into what they were ordering or movies we were talking about, etc., it was madness.  After a lot of fighting and a little eating, Liam stood up and yelled at Niall and Harry, to stop fighting, and that I would decide who I would go out with, and if I even wanted to  go out with any of them after their behavior. I looked down at my hands, and twirled my thumbs for the rest of the meal, and Niall and Harry were quiet for the rest of the meal too. Once we finished up Louis paid for the breakfast and we piled into the limo waiting for us outside, and headed back to the hotel.

            When we arrived back in the hotel room Liam’s phone rang. It was Paul. He said that One Direction’s photo shoot, and autographs were canceled so they had 2 days to hang out. All of the boys cheered when Liam told them what Paul said, and then they all turned and looked at me and asked me what we should do. I shrugged and now they are chasing me around the hotel room asking me what to do. I have locked myself in the bathroom and a note has been slipped under the door. As I am picking it up I expect it to be the boys asking me what I want to do again. When I open it up it reads…

            Dear Alyssa,

I still love you no matter what people say. I don’t care that you had sex with Niall and kissed him. No matter what you do to me or others I will still love you. Please, take this letter into consideration, love. I want you to be my girl, and love me. If you don’t love me or don’t want to be my girl tell me. Please don’t let my heart wait any longer.


            Harry Styles

            Now I have no idea what to do. Niall keeps asking me if I love him, and now I have this letter from Harry. What should I do?

            Probably after 10 minutes, I open up the door and all of the boys are sitting in a semi-circle around the bathroom door. They all stand up as if it was planned and smiled. After a long discussion we decided to do a pairs thing, because there were six people and lots of ideas no one could agree on everybody found a partner and headed out. Zayn went with Louis, and then I, Harry, Liam, and Niall were left. Both Niall and Harry wanted to go with me but obviously only one could go. Threats and bad words were thrown back and forth from Niall and Harry. Then I just yelled out, STOP! They all looked at me. I stepped in front of both Harry and Niall and I said, “I will be going with Liam. We will have fun and you two will go together, and you will have fun. Please stop arguing over me, it is flattering, but stop I will pick who I want and if I want to be with one of you at all.  I am tearing you apart. After tonight, I am gone, out of your lives forever, because I don’t want this to hurt One Direction or even me. My heart doesn’t need to be hurt it has been hurt enough. Now go have fun together!”

            Harry and Niall walked out of the hotel room with their heads down and got into the elevator. Liam looked over at me and said, “WOW! I didn’t think you were that feisty. Good job. What you said is true, but you don’t have to leave tomorrow, especially because we don’t know if you are better yet after your black out.”

            “Thank you, I will be leaving tomorrow, I’m sorry. I just cannot take this anymore. I am tearing your band apart. Now, let’s just have some fun today, it’s a deserved day off for you!” I said in quite a calm voice.

            “Sounds good, let’s go take a walk.” Liam said with a smile.

            We left the hotel room and after running through the crowd of fans we found a path way in a beautiful wooded area that was free of fans. We walked for a while until we saw…

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