Is He the One?

This is a story about a girl who after pleading with her boss, Ellen from Ellen meets One Direction. They hang out and Alyssa finds both Niall and Harry falling in love with her. Being forced to choose by Liam who doesn't want the boys to be heart broken, Alyssa finds herself in and out of hospitals, sleeping with the wrong guy, and taking a visit to a special doctor.


2. A concert gone BAD!

I luckily slept in late so I didn’t have to deal with boy drama. Although, Niall and Harry are watching each other’s every move. Liam is giving me this look like choose already. I can feel my existence is tearing the band apart.

            “I really must be going,” I say in a soft voice.

            “Nonsense, you must come to the concert tonight,” Louis said.

            I walked up to Louis and told him about what was going on, but before he could take back his last comment Harry said, “You really must come,” and Niall agreed. Oh great, now I am stuck. Louis took me back to his room and handed me a dress.

            “Here, Eleanor left it here last time. You should wear it instead of wearing last night’s dress two nights in a row, it should fit you.” Louis said while handing me the yellow, ruffled dress.

            “Thank you,” I replied.

I trotted off to the bathroom. I took a shower, and did my hair and make-up.  Now I am ready for the concert. As me and One Direction rode the elevator down stairs you could hear fans screaming. It got worse as we all walked outside. Fans screaming and running at us, yelling police officers, paparazzi asking questions like “Is that girl with you,” and “Hey lady are you dating someone from One Direction,” and flashing cameras. It was madness. After safely getting into the limo we drove down to the theater.  I got out and headed down the hallway to the boys dressing rooms. All of a sudden I hear a door open and out came two hands and those hands pull me right into the dressing room. As I was swiped into the room I got a glimpse of the name on the door it read “HARRY STYLES,” I knew I was in for a treat. With my eyes closed I feel warm soft lips press against mine. It felt like forever and I wished the kiss never ended, but it did when there was a knock at the door. Harry looked me in the eye and told me he loved me, and that he would miss me during the concert. My heart was pounding!

Once Harry left I slipped out of the room. I heard a weird noise with a jump and a scream I turned around to find myself falling into Niall’s arms. Within seconds of the fall Niall kissed me, and whispered in my ear, “I love you,” then he ran off to the stage. My mind is in a whirl wind of thoughts and feelings, going back and forth from Harry to Niall and back again. I know I must choose, but whom?!?!

Someone from backstage escorted me to a seat out in the audience. I sat in the chair with a sigh. A few minutes have gone by and the lights have gone out and the stage has lite up. One Direction comes out and introduces themselves. Then they say that the first song they will be singing is ‘Gotta Be You.’ Now they have started singing it. GREAT!! Every time the song says ‘it’s gotta be you...’ Harry and or Niall point at ME! The next song they sung is ‘Kiss You’ and of course it is the same pointing, and eye contact as the first song, from both Harry and Niall. They sing a few more songs and now it is the last song. Harry is announcing it. He says, “This song is dedicated to my love, Alyssa. It’s called Little Things, but I must say, Alyssa, you have no little things, your perfect for me.” Then they start to sing. I can see Niall’s face and it is not a happy face. God damn it, what have I gotten myself into!

The concert has ended and people are filing out of the isles. I slowly walk back to the stage. As I step on the stage Niall comes out and meets me. He tells me that Little Things was the song he was supposed to announce and Harry had overheard him memorizing it for when he announced it. Also, that 2 seconds before Niall was about to announce Harry started it and said the same thing Niall was prepared to say. Niall’s face looked flushed; he was breathing heavy and looked at me with sorrowful eyes. I looked Niall in the eye and told him it was ok and I believed him, even though I truly don’t know what to believe.

Liam and Zayn see me in distress and quickly came to take me to another room. Liam tells me to stay in the room till he gets back, then both Liam and Zayn leave. Harry does a double take to the room and then enters it and sits down next to me.

“That was a really good concert,” I say.

“Well, thank you love. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Harry said.

“So…,” I am about to say something, when Harry kisses me.

“Please, I really love you, be with me. I have dreamt about a beautiful, smart, funny girl coming into my life and being my girlfriend. That has come true. Well, only half of it, so please make that dream come true, all of it.” Harry says in a serious voice. Then he stands up and leaves while saying. “If you truly love me, and want to be with me, text me tonight at 11pm and tell me you love me.” Then he walks out of the room.

My eyes are going blurry, and I feel like I’m falling. Everything is going black

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