Poems of a Bygone Time

These were written during a time in my life when I was quite smitten with a certain young woman.
They were written in a dark basement, usually late at night, when I felt most lonely and desired that loneliness to end.
It only ended when she said she wasn't interested.
When I found that she wasn't interested, and I stopped chasing her, the one that'd been chasing me finally caught up.


2. September 20th

This dark abyss envelopes me,
biting away parts of me through the process of entropy.
I sometimes escape into the light,
but always fall back into its  blight.
I am smart, I am cunning,
but even I get tired of running.
Running from myself,
from this abyss inside,
taking each day as if in stride.
I wait for the one who will rescue me from here,
from this shadowy pit and ominous veneer.
Someone who will hold me close and not let go,
who will be my friend and lead me from woe.
Who will listen when I speak,
and smile and laugh,
who will forever object on my behalf.
I long for the touch of this person,
for the touch of my love,
I long for the warm embrace,
of the one destined for me by above.

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