Poems of a Bygone Time

These were written during a time in my life when I was quite smitten with a certain young woman.
They were written in a dark basement, usually late at night, when I felt most lonely and desired that loneliness to end.
It only ended when she said she wasn't interested.
When I found that she wasn't interested, and I stopped chasing her, the one that'd been chasing me finally caught up.


4. October 12th

Just as autumn season turns the trees red,
so have thoughts of her entered my head.
They change with the seasons,
yet remain the same,
and I only have myself to blame.
I silently yearn while fast asleep,
but I will have no rest while my soul she keeps.
And as I do, I pray
Don't make me face another day.
For as the days go by,
and the dream fades,
only an awkward young lover will remain.
He will remain as he is, jaded and alone,
as the world passes him by,
with no love to call his own.

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