Poems of a Bygone Time

These were written during a time in my life when I was quite smitten with a certain young woman.
They were written in a dark basement, usually late at night, when I felt most lonely and desired that loneliness to end.
It only ended when she said she wasn't interested.
When I found that she wasn't interested, and I stopped chasing her, the one that'd been chasing me finally caught up.


5. November 29th

She slays with words unsaid.
Just as she speaks to me,
she also holds back.
For she has gone through despair in her life,
and I cannot change that.
I can simply wait.
Wait, as still believe she can call my name.
Wait, as times flies by.
Wait, as high school ends and friends say goodbye.
Wait, as she twists the knife in my heart with her silence.
Wait....as I die inside.
Wait....and hope.
Hope that she will recover.
Hope that she will remember me.
Hope that she will think of me when sad.
Hope that I won't end up alone.
If I should leave this lonely world behind,
Will her voice still remember our melody?

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