Poems of a Bygone Time

These were written during a time in my life when I was quite smitten with a certain young woman.
They were written in a dark basement, usually late at night, when I felt most lonely and desired that loneliness to end.
It only ended when she said she wasn't interested.
When I found that she wasn't interested, and I stopped chasing her, the one that'd been chasing me finally caught up.


6. December 17th

You can't understand the feeling inside
the feeling that burns
the feeling that heals
the feeling that drives me to pain
Do you even know the extent of it?
as far as the horizon
as long as the sun burns in the sky
as deep as the reaches of space
I tried to stop.
I try to stop.
I will try to stop.
After all....I have one life to live.
Why waste it on something that will give nothing back?
But alas, my ever foolish heart persists incessantly.
It says "If one waits, one shall recieve"
"Happiness should come to the one who holds on."
"Girls worth kissing are not so easily kissed."
But if only those words were true.
If only what people said about love was true.
If only girls actually enjoyed when guys wrote about them
If only romance still existed.
If only chivalry still wooed women to see past a man's exterior to the knight beneath.
If only

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