You can Run But You Can't Hide

Nicole, Sophia, and Joleynna are three friends that known eachother from school and Girl Scouts. One Day their friendship started to grow even stonger, untill they meet a certain boyband named One Direction. What will happen to the best friends? Nicole? Sophia? Joleynna?

This is a story of an crazy adventure that leads to betrayal, love, friendship, pain, and lust.


9. The Unexpected

Joleyna's P.O.V.


It has been a two days since we went on the dates with the boys. I have had this bad feeling for a week now about something but I don't know what it is. Yes, we had talked to the boys since the night shit went down, but not a lot. I really like Liam, but he looks a lot like my father...which is weird. The girls, Nicole and Sophia, are doing okay. Sophia won't shut up about Harry and Nicole always looks pissed. We try to cheer her up, and for a moment it does, but her mind is sent else where. She has been thinking, and that never ends well. The last time this happened she ended up on the roof and falling off.

I just got home from the store and I see Sophia on the phone laughing like an idiot. I heard a deep voice on the other end...Harry. Shocker-note the sarcasm. I settled the bags on the kitchen floor and went up stairs to ask Nicole for help. I looked in her bedroom, and she wasn't there. I checked the shower, nope. I ran down the stairs and jumped on Soph's back.

“Doggy pile!!!” I screamed in her ear. She made a weird noise and dropped her phone.

“What do you want Jojo?” she asked laughing. I asked if she knew where Nikki was she shook her head no. I grabbed her phone which was still on the ground and ran up the steps and locked myself in the bathroom.

“Hey Styles, it's Joleyna.”

“Oh, hey.”

“Have you seen Nicole, I can't find her and Soph doesn't know where she is.”

“Uh, yeah her and Louis went out somewhere. I think to that one cafe by the park.”

“Thanks, Harry. Tell Liam to text me later. Bye!”

Right before I hung up I heard him yell bye into the phone. I opened the door and saw Sophia standing there with her hand out. I gave her the phone and yelled Adventure Time, on the top of my lungs. Sophia flinched next to me and asked what I was talking about. I told her that we needed to put groceries away first then we are going to the cafe by the park to spy on Louis and Nicole. We turned to each other and she gave me a mischievous smile.

We finished putting away the food and we changed into our spy outfit on. I was wearing a black sweater and black skinny jeans on with my black vans and a black beanie on over my braided hair. Sophia had a black t shirt with a black leather jacket on top, and black leggings with combat boots and her hair in a messy bun. We both put black stripes on our cheeks and grabbed our walkies-talkies and phones.

“Let's go.” I said while running out the door. We ran down town to the cafe and when we reached the front door to the cafe we slowed down and looked inside. We noticed Nicole and Louis walking to the door, we ran in opposite directions. I hid behind a dumpster and Sophia slid under neath the car. We heard them talking...

“Let's go to the park, Love.” Louis said while he grabbed Nicole's hand. She pulled her hand away and nodded. I don't know for sure, but I think he sighed. When they were a good distance away I gave Sophia the signal and she got out from under neath the car. We discussed a plan and followed them. They sat down on top of the hill and looked over at the playground watching the children playing. I told Sophia to hold back behind the bushes. I crept behind them and noticed at tree about 10 feet away from them. I climbed up the tree and it gave a perfect view. Nicole looked my way and I ducked down hoping she wouldn't notice, than she looked towards Sophia than back at me.

“I think we were spotted.” I told Sophia in the walkies-talkie. I looked at her and she nodded in agreement. I heard them laughing so I tried to listen.

“Let's give them what they want.” Louis said with a smirk. Nicole gave him a confused looked, but realized what he meant when she felt his lips on hers I gasped, and quickly covered my mouth. And something happened that we never thought would.

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