You can Run But You Can't Hide

Nicole, Sophia, and Joleynna are three friends that known eachother from school and Girl Scouts. One Day their friendship started to grow even stonger, untill they meet a certain boyband named One Direction. What will happen to the best friends? Nicole? Sophia? Joleynna?

This is a story of an crazy adventure that leads to betrayal, love, friendship, pain, and lust.


11. The Story

Nicole's P.O.V.

“Hey, guys. I know you were at the park spying on me because we always do that when were with a guy alone, and I must say very good job. Anyway, Louis is here and is demanding to know and I want you to be here so hurry up and get home as soon as you get this message.” I left them both a voice mail. Louis was calling the other boys, so we only have to explain once. I just hope Joleyna is going to be okay. Honestly, she had it the worst. I was looking at the front door and Liam, Harry, Sophia, and Joleyna walked in. They all looked worried. I can't blame them. I grabbed Sophia's and Joleyna's arm and pulled them into the kitchen. We discussed what parts to leave out and who was going to speak. Which was me. Yay. When we walked back in they were staring at us, waiting for one of us to explain.


“Okay, so we made an oath when we were about 14 and 15 years old. The oath was, to never fall in love, and be careful around male figures. This is because, well, let me say this. We have an orphan who parents were murdered. The orphan who parents never cared. And the only child who barely sees her dad. Joleyna's mom died from cancer when she was 9 years old. Her father, well, left when she was 15. Sophia's mom disappeared, literally. One day she went poof. Her father is a police officer who works 24/7 and never comes home. My parents were murdered when I was 14. Both of them gone. We made an oath off of those reasons. We can't be broken all over again. We have each other and that is enough. That's all we need.” When I looked up Joleyna was crying, Sophia was holding her and the boys didn't look pleased.

“There has to be more. You are not fully explaining it. What exactly happened. We need details.” They started to ask a million of questions. I told them to stop and Joleyna and Sophia nodded, giving me permission to answer.


“The truth is, when Joleyna's mom died, her father took out his pain on her. He Joleyna for her death. He would abuse her, mentally, physically, and sexually. It was horrible. When I turned 14 he killed my father and raped my mother and killed her. He tried to kill me but Sophia's father came to pick me up because he was taking all of us to the movies and then he arrested him. Sophia's mom, exactly, like a I told you. Disappeared.” By the time I was finished I was crying. Louis came over and picked me up. Liam ran to Joleyna and told her everything was going to be okay, and that she is safe. Harry took Sophia upstairs to talk. When everyone was calmed down. Louis asked if we wanted to throw a party. I looked at him like he was stupid.

“Don't look at me like that! It was a valid question. A party would help you get your mind off things. It's would be so much fun too.” Sophia ran down the steps and almost fell but Liam ran up and caught her. When she was safely down the stairs she said something that I thought was awesome.
“Party? Let's do it. Let's get my dad pissed off.” The thing is that her dad is overly protective for all of us so when she said that. I thought maybe Louis was right. It would be perfect, because we are finally going to live our lives.


This is another short chapter and im terribly sorry. :(

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