You can Run But You Can't Hide

Nicole, Sophia, and Joleynna are three friends that known eachother from school and Girl Scouts. One Day their friendship started to grow even stonger, untill they meet a certain boyband named One Direction. What will happen to the best friends? Nicole? Sophia? Joleynna?

This is a story of an crazy adventure that leads to betrayal, love, friendship, pain, and lust.


4. The beginning of something New

Sophia's P.O.V.

We were all sitting in the car listening to the radio and singing along-no, screaming. The song was currently 1985 by Bowling For Soup. We were blasting it, Nicole was driving trying not to crash the her car-which was a dodge 2500 cummins turbo diesel. JoJo was in the passenger seat just sitting yelling 'WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE' and stuff like that. I was sitting between them and I was just jamming along with Nikki. As we pulled into the parking lot, we calmed down a bit. Nikki parked the car and we all climbed out. I was walking in the store and all I hear is Joleyna scream “Oh my God, Nicole get in the cart!” when that happened I knew this was going to be a crazy experience.

Nicole's P.O.V.

I jumped into the cart and Joleyna started to push me around. We ran up and down aisle grabbing food from the shelves with Sophia behind us on a barbie scooter. We were walking and I noticed a One Direction cut out in someones cart so I told Joleyna to head that way. She started to run and she ended up tripping, which sent me flying forward. I crashed into the cart that had the cut out. I went to stand up when I noticed it wasn't a cut out. “Holy shit, Nicole that's not a cut out. That's Louis!” Sophia screamed. I stood up apologizing like crazy. I really couldn't believe that I was in the presence of Louis Tomlinson. “Louis, are you okay. We heard a crash and...oh” I guessed Liam noticed that three girls were just staring in awe and two carts on their side. Louis had to explain everything because when I tried it came out as a mess, I was stuttering every word. “Hey, you're Joleyna. I followed you last night.” “Oh my noodles, you remember me?” “How could I forget? You have very beautiful eyes. I can never forget them” Liam and Joleyna started to have a normal conversation, but we could tell she was dieing inside. I look over to see Harry staring at Sophia so I nudged her and pointed at Harry. She looked up and he started blushing knowing that she saw him staring at him. I thought it was really cute though. I walked up to Louis to say sorry. “It's okay, you thought I was a piece of card board, no hard feelings.” “Well, when you say it like that it seems like I blew up Jupiter.” “You did though.” “Oh, listen Tomlinson. You're lucky I didn't punch you in the face because that would have been a real mess.” “So you think you're stronger than me?” “I know I'm stronger than you.” “Let's put that to the test. You, me after schoo-” Zayn cut him off, “Dude, leave it alone. Sorry about him. What's your name?” “I'm Nicole, that's Sophia and that's Joleyna.” “Nice names. Well we have to go Paul is waiting for us. Talk to you guys later. We well have Liam message Joleyna. Bye.” With that Niall and the boys were off. I couldn't believe we just met them. Then I realized, Niall said we would talk again. Holy crap, are we friends with One Direction now. I can't even think right now. This is just the beginning of a crazy adventure, filled with crazy memories. What I didn't know was that with the good moments, there are going to be an equal amount of bad ones.

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