You can Run But You Can't Hide

Nicole, Sophia, and Joleynna are three friends that known eachother from school and Girl Scouts. One Day their friendship started to grow even stonger, untill they meet a certain boyband named One Direction. What will happen to the best friends? Nicole? Sophia? Joleynna?

This is a story of an crazy adventure that leads to betrayal, love, friendship, pain, and lust.


10. Breaking Point

Sophia's P.O.V

`She did it. She finally broke. Louis kissed her, and she freaked. She yelled at him for a good 10 minutes. I didn't dare listen, so we will ask later. When she was done yelling, Nicole started to cry. That was really rare. I just wished I listened.

Nicole's P.O.V.

He did it. He broke me. Louis William Tomlinson, did it. He kissed me, and I lost it. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! FUCK YOU TOMLINSON! WHY DID YOU KISSED ME! DO YOU LIKE CAUSING PEOPLE PAIN! I CAN'T LOVE YOU, LET ALONE, LIKE! I CAN'T!!" I screamed at him. I didn't even notice. "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY!?!? IT'S BECAUSE OF AN OATH I CAN'T BREAK. WE CAN NOT TRUST ANY MALE FIGURE, BECAUSE THEY ALL LEAVE AND HURT US. WE CAN'T RISK FALLING IN LOVE AND GETTING BROKEN!! WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN THROUGH TOO MUCH PAIN!! ESPICALLY, JOLEYNA!!!​" That was it, I started to cry. All Louis did was pick me up and carried me home. He set me down on my couch, once we were inside. I looked at him and he sighed. "Why? Why can't you fall in love?" I can't tell him without the girls with me. If Louis knows, then the other boys will want to know too. Tomorrow is the day we have to re-live our past. Dear Lord, help.

a/n: sorry its short. more to come!

Captain Catie the Potato and Private Gill the Banana

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