Bella Claus & Jack Frost

Its been a long time since the guardians defeated Pitch Black. Santa has a daughter nobody talked about and she is helping on this adventure with her tinkering abilities while hanging out with Jack Frost.


4. Pitch Black

 When Bella and Jack got back a yeti looked at them. The yeti looked at Bella and said something. 

"No. That's not why we were gone John." 

Jack wondered what John had said then when they got inside he asked Bella, "What did John ask about what we did?" 

Bella's face went red. "Never mind that."

"Come on tell me." 

"He thought we snuck out for a date." 

Then Jack was embarrassed. "Really?"


Jack just looked around then said, "Let's go inside."

When they went in the Globe had Pitch on it. Bella got out her sword her father gave her. Suddenly something lifted her and she was taken to Pitch. "Looks like the new guardian isn't as strong as she thought." 

Bella looked at Pitch and tried to get him but she was tied to his horse made of sand. "What do you want with me?" 

"Didn't you know? I'm trying to get rid of all the guardians."

"Why are you starting with me?" 

"So I can hurt two of the other Guardians." 

Jack and Bella couldn't take it anymore. Pitch was annoying. Bella cut the rope on her and Jack flied to Pitch and tried to freeze him but he left and Bella started to fall and Jack caught her. 

Then North came in to see what was with all the Racket. When he saw Bella in Jack's arms his expression hardened. 

"North this is not what it looks like. Pitch was here and almost took Bella. But she fell and I caught her just a second ago.

Bella got out of Jack's arms and whispered to Jack, "Meet me in my room Later." 

"Dad I'm going to go help the Yetis with the toys." 


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