Bella Claus & Jack Frost

Its been a long time since the guardians defeated Pitch Black. Santa has a daughter nobody talked about and she is helping on this adventure with her tinkering abilities while hanging out with Jack Frost.


2. New guardian

  The next day the Guardians were at the pole again. Sandy was with Bella and Jack in a old room where Bella made things. Bella was lying on a table sleeping because of Sandy. She was dreaming of snow.

"It was crazy when it Happened." Jack said.

Sandy had an image of Bella's scared face, then a question mark.

"Yeah Bella was scared." 

Suddenly the snow was gone and it became knifes. Bella was tossing and turning. Jack went over to her and shook her awake. 

"Thanks Jack." She said hugging him. 

"No problem." Jack said.

Sandy got Bella's hand and took her out of the room. Jack just stayed in the room looking at all the stuff Bella had invented. Rocket boots, snow-maker glove. He picked up a picture, it had Bella, North and all the Guardians. Including Jack. 

He sighed. "Why is Pitch after you? Why is he back?" 


Bella was put in one of the chairs in the Globe room. Her father was squeezing the life out of her. "Pitch almost got you. Lucky Jack was here. Where is he now?" North said. 

"Right here." Jack came in. 

"Dad. Look. It's the man in the moon."

The guardians and Bella looked up and the moon was pulling up the stone that would show a new guardian. 

"Another one?" Jack and Bunny said in sync. 

"Hopefully it's not the leprechaun he annoys me." Bella said. 

The image came up and it showed Bella in a red sweatshirt and jeans wearing her rocket boots and a grapple hook in a belt. 

"Bella?" North asked, stunned. 


"It makes sense." Jack said. "She is stealthy and smart."

Bella started to blush. But nobody could tell because of her rosy cheeks. 

Suddenly they're was black sand rushing around Bella. "Jack!" They heard her yell. 

Jack froze the sand and Bella broke the frozen sand down around her. Jack and Bella hugged eachother until they realized everyone was staring at them. 

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