Bella Claus & Jack Frost

Its been a long time since the guardians defeated Pitch Black. Santa has a daughter nobody talked about and she is helping on this adventure with her tinkering abilities while hanging out with Jack Frost.


6. In the Hole Under the Bed

Bella had hit a cold hard floor. She got up and looked around. She was in a cage. She saw a globe that was dark but had glittering dots. 

"Pitch. Come out now." She said. 

"Why should I?" 

"Didn't you want to torture me? Kill me?"

"I was just saying that in front of Jack." 

"Leave him alone!" 

"You have feelings for him?" 

"It's none of your business." 

"We'll have to entertain ourselves while your here."

"I'd rather talk to a wall than you." 

"I don't care."

Bella just drew pictures on the ground. 

"I know you have feelings for him." Pitch said. "Because your scared he won't feel the same way."

"How do you live here?" Bella asked. "It's boring here."

"It's not that bad really. You get used to it."


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